Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Christmas Isn't Quite Chrismas For Us...

So I've gotten a couple confused inquiries from some people asking why I don't celebrate Christmas. I assume this may stem from some tweet or comments you've read lately?

Ok, I do celebrate Christmas, I absolutely love this time of year! What you may have misunderstood me saying is that my hubby and I don't have our holiday now, we celebrate our official Xmas a month later and here's why...

Many years ago we were having some financial problems and Christmas was gonna be sparse (I know, I know, it's not about the material but hey, everyone likes gifts!) so we decided to wait and have our own personal holiday at the end of January to give us some time to get some extra cash and shop a little. It was fantastic! We had our own private Xmas eve and morning, complete with all the decorations, presents, food and fun!

So the next year we decided to make it a fun tradition... we still celebrate with friends and family now and then we'll have our own holiday weekend at the end of Jan! This is also awesome for a few other reasons... 1. Shopping for each other is soooooo much easier and we find things way cheaper once all the jacked up prices are dropped to super cheap! 2. Money isn't so tight after the real holiday so we can splurge a little more 3. Our Xmas coincides with Winter-Een-Mas (more on that in a later post if you're curious) and our gifts for each other usually match up perfect with the spirit of that holiday! And finally 4. We love the reaction we get when telling others! Either people don't get it or they love it and we now have some friends join us for our holidays :)

So we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and love that you wish us the same, but if you remember in a month then feel free to wish us a happy holiday again!


Oh, and of course that gives you another month to look over my wish list to the right if you're feeling generous, hehe.

And anyone that sends me a gift always gets a special little something in return ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At what age did you loose your virginity?

Officially? The first time I felt a cock all the way up inside my pussy I was 17.

But I was giving handjobs, blowjobs and taking it up the ass for many, many year before that.

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

What are yor feelings on bringing a third person into a relationship? Wether it be MMF OR MFF? Also what if it was bringing the third into a marriage?

I'm all about threesomes! MFM, FMF, FFM or MMF... it's all good! At least a couple times a week :)

As for involving another in a relationship and/or marriage, I can answer that just by saying that my hubby has a very loving girlfriend that is both his and ours, emotionally and sexually.

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm On Facebook Now!

If you've made your way here from my new Facebook page, WELCOME! Hope you enjoy!

If you're here because, well... you love and adore me and all my blog has to offer then you may like that I now have a Facebook page too!

As far as I can tell, the only way to find me for now is with this URL (you need to be signed into FB) -!/profile.php?id=100000651358769

Why is that such a pain in the ass URL, you ask? Because it seems FB has started a new thing where they will only 'verify' you by SMS text message and if you don't do that then you're unable to choose a username and get a personal URL. And as many of you know, we don't have cell phones... just don't really want one, so until I work a way around it they won't verify that I'm a real live girl :p

And as I stated on my new page, it's a mix of my real life and my more 'adult' life. I see no reason to hide who and what I am but I also won't be as 'open' there as I am on sites like this. So feel free send me a add request and a message that you know me as Voluptuous Val and leave comments on my pics and wall, but keep them somewhat clean... but not too clean ;) heh

Saturday, December 18, 2010

ok val how freaky is too freaky to you

I don't think anything is too freaky for me, I'll try just about anything once and if I like it, I'll happily do it again and again :D

There are a few things I'm just not into... scat, anything that causes serious pain or marks, etc... but not because they're too freaky. I totally respect those that do enjoy that sort of thing, I just don't enjoy them myself.

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why do you like your lovers to cum inside you?

It just feels really good! I've been told not all women can really feel a man cum inside them, so it seems I'm quite sensitive in there since a cumshot can feel like an ocean wave hitting a rocky beach to me. Sometimes it's enough to make me orgasm too! :)

Another reason is that the whole idea of creampies have turned me on since the very first porn I watched so many years ago. Messy and gooey and fun... and if a guy or gal wants to clean me up, all the better!!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you squirt?

Sometimes, and I love it when I do! Unfortunately so far, I've only found one guy and two gals that can turn me into a huge squirter every time.

I'm like Thor's hammer in that way... "Whosoever Plays With This Pussy, If He Or She Be Worthy, Shall Make This Woman Squirt Like A Firehose!"

LOL, so anyone that wants a try, here I am! ;)

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sexually speaking, what are you most thankful for?

Ah, should have answered this last week around Thanksgiving huh? Well, probably what I'm most thankful for is my hubby, not just because sex with him is fantastic or he supports me and my desires so fully, but he makes me feel so beautiful and so good about myself and my body.

And when I feel so good inside and out, it makes me want to share that with everyone, so I guess I'm very thankful I get to fuck whatever men and women that I want and I can truly enjoy every moment of every sexual encounter :D

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you like feeling a hot, messy, load of cum shooting all over your ass? Would love to do that to you ;)

Actually I always prefer to feel the cum shoot in my ass or another hole of your choosing!

If a guy wants to cum on me though, I'm more than happy to let him, but I'd rather be able to watch it... my tits, belly or face all seem to be popular targets :)

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

what's the biggest cock you've been able to deepthroat completely?? how big of a strapon do u use to fuck other guys and girls doggystyle? What's the biggest you used

I love to deepthroat during a blowjob, get it all the way in there and then use my tongue on the balls! Unfortunately I'm not able to take the big ones down deep, probably a 6 or 7 inch is my limit... but that sure doesn't stop me from trying! Heh!

As for strapons, I have and use a variety of sizes... from just a few inches to a huge 14" long, 4" wide monster and a few others in between!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

have you ever had sex in a jacuzzi??

Oh yes! Jacuzzis and hot tubs are great! Love it... hot, wet, spashy waves, sometimes very little privacy, jets, bubbles and they're perfect for group fun! My fav hotel we use to get away for a night or a weekend has a big jacuzzi that is probably used more than the bed! lol

Hot tubs are especially good in the winter months when the water is hot and the air is cold! You get the sudden, stark contrast of temps. I love the feeling of riding hard on a cock and my tits are bouncing in and out of the water. My nipples getting cold and rock hard in the freezing air and then hitting the super hot water, then back out into the air again, then the water and so on... it feels incredible!!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

what the biggest cock youve taken up the ass??

He was a lttle over 10", really thick. He didn't go quite all the way in though, he was going slow and almost had his cock worked all in me but then he came before we could really get into some ass pounding and we haven't had the chance to do it again yet.

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Have any of you ladies ever been in the office or in a moving car alone and gotten really horny? What did you do?

Of course and I usually just masterbate, more to an orgasm in my office but a little light play is ok in the car, you just can't let it distract you from driving.

A skirt is a must and stop lights, traffic jams and following a school bus is always a lot of fun! Sometimes the best part? Entertaining people in other cars! ;)

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

How old were you the first time you gave a guy a hand job? Did you enjoy it?

I was very young, I won't say how young though ;) But I did really enjoy doing it, I remember watching the cum shoot out and being really excited.

It's probably why I still enjoy the feel of a cock in my hand and also love watching guys cum on me... it still excites me!!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Think about your first sexual experience with another person. Would you rate it as good or bad? What about it was good or bad?

My first sexual experience by myself was great, I loved exploring the new feelings and sensations!

Unfortunately my first actual sex wasn't good at all, it was in the shower, very uncomfortable and he didn't have a clue what he was doing. I'm sad to say I never orgasmed with him during our entire relationship.

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back From Vacation - Exhausted In All The Right Ways!

Yup, I'm back home and unfortunately already back to work :( I'm still trying to get myself back into real life, NOT enjoying it too much at the moment! I'm already looking forward to the weekend so I can get sloppy drunk and and even more sloppily fucked!

Had an incredible time in Orlando though, both in and out of the hotel room of course! Hehe ;) I'll write more later, just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone! Hi!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Wish List

People with an eye for detail may have noticed that I've added an Amazon Wish List to my page here. No, I'm not going to start begging for gifts :p

I've gotten a lot of messages through formspring and twitter lately about my old wish list on xPeeps and MySpace and what they could send me... well I'm sure not gonna turn down gifts!

So with my birthday being this week (tomorrow actually!) and xmas coming up, I thought I'd go ahead and rework my Amazon list and post it up here. I'm still browsing through stuff but there's plenty of cool things there to get it started!

Just click through if you wanna get me something... oh, did I not mention that you'll always get something in return?? Anytime I get a gift, I always send a few very personal pictures back to the sender, of course they would be of me using or wearing the item and will always involve lots of nudity, sex, and all the good stuff you like to see ;)

And there we are :D

Who Would've Thought It'd Be So Hard To Find People To Fuck?!?!?

So as it has been very simply stated in my last post here, as well as on my twitter, adultspace, chubby parade, fetlife and so many more places around the net... we're looking for people to play with while we're on vacation in Florida!

Unfortunately it's not working out as well as it has in previous years :( Most of the people that have contacted us seem to be really into it and then end up being flakes about it, and we're not even there yet!

I guess we've been spoiled here, we've never had a problem meeting new people or hooking up with friends. And the swingers clubs and parties here are a blast, we always get to know cool people and if there's a charge, it's always a fair price. My hubby started looking into any clubs or parties we could find down there and it either ends up being a dead end or it's just plain not worth it.

We found what seemed to be a great club with events three or four days every week, it looked clean and comfortable, much like Club Sesso here in Portland. The only problem was we couldn't find any info on fees or costs, so we emailed them and finally got a response... they want a membership fee of $100 AND charge $75 per person, per night!! Holy shit!! And no, they don't do any discounts for couples and nothing special for out of town visitors. Fuck that!

So anyway, we're still looking for some decent people to hook up with while we're there, only two weeks away!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Public Service Announcment! FLORIDA - Come Fuck Me!!

I know it's been forever since I've posted here, but I won't go into that now as I really don't have much time on here even now :(

BUT! I had to take a moment and post about our vacation to Florida! We're going to be down there for the last week of Oct/first week of Nov and we're looking for a gal(s) or perhaps a couple to play with ;)

I would actually love to make some real friends there as well since we visit once or twice a year for all the usual Universal/Disney/Seaworld kinda fun (we never miss Halloween Horror Nights!) and would like to have people to meet up and hang out with... but no strings fun is always good too! :D

Sooooooo... if you're interested and in or around the Kissimmee/Orlando area, feel free to shoot us a message at

You obviously know what I look like and I might be able to find a pic of my hubby for ya, but please include a pic of yourself/selves so we know you're serious :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

What's your favorite kind of foreplay?

Kissing, lots of deep passionate kissing! I love making out while being felt up or fingered! Nothing gets me hotter & wetter faster!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Where have you been, I haven't seen anything from you in a couple weeks, miss you!

I've been away from cyberspace for a few weeks, my Grandfather died and it was a pretty rough time for me. I then had to house sit for my aunt for a week an a half and didn't have access to a computer while there.

On top of all that I found my workplace blocked almost every website out there :( Strange thing though, I was cycling through my favs today and this site is no longer blocked, so I'm going to answer as many questions right now as I can! :D

Ask me anything at all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back Soon...

Just wanted to take a moment to let you all know why I haven't been around for about a week now, nor will I be posting anything for a bit longer.

I've had a death in my family, my Grandfather, and haven't really been taking it too well. His funeral is tomorrow and then I'm going out of town for the weekend with a girlfriend, my hubby is going to be in San Diego for the big comi-con.

But keep those comments and messages rolling in and don't stop asking questions on I may get to some of those later today as they're already starting to pile up, but at the least there will be a ton of answers coming next week.

Big kisses to all :* XoXoXo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You may not remember me but I got sucked off by you once at the Taboo gloryhole, you also let me grope you and finger you for a bit before I left. Just wanted to say you're a really, really great dick sucker and wondered if you'd be going back there?

Well thank you! Unfortunately with just that description, no I don't remember you exactly. But thanks, I do love gloryholes and sucking dick so I hope I'm good at it! No complaints yet!

As for going back? Of course! When though? Don't know. It's rare we make plans to go, it's usually a spur of the moment thing after work or in the middle of the night. I am a creture of habit though and Taboo is my fav hole in town, so whatever day and time you found me there before may be a good place to start!

Ask me anything at all!

What's the craziest fantasy you've ever had that you can'y or won't do in real life?

I've actually experienced most of the fantasties I've ever had, there's none that I won't do if given the chance.

So for one that I can't do, as it's just impossible unless my parents hid the truth from me, is to have a threesome with my hubby and my twin sister.

I've had this dream many times, and masturbated to the fantasy as well, where one of us is riding his cock, one is riding his face and we're making out and groping each others tits and bellies. Seems simple but it gets me wet just thinking about it.

I also haven't fucked a set of twins but want to and will someday :)

Ask me anything at all!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How many cocks can you handle at once?

LOL, fun question! I assume you mean in a gangbang situation?

Ok, we did a gangbang set of pics years ago (lost in a hard drive crash, I sooo wish I still had them) and one pic, my fav, featured me taking it from every guy there.

I was on my back with a guy under me fucking my ass, one fucking my pussy, I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand, then I had two guys fucking my tits, one on each side, and two guys fucking my belly, again one on each side.

So there's your answer... I can handle 9 cock at once! I could probably fit a couple more in somewhere but that's my current record :)

Ask me anything at all!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What kind of lucky guy managed to snag you?

I never really talk about him, so sure... he's a great guy and lucky indeed! But I always say that I'm just as lucky, probably more so in many ways.

He's what I would call a manly geek. He loves comics & video games, toys and statues, movies and cartoons and has the biggest assortment of t-shirts I've ever seen.

He wears shorts year-round and radiates heats, he always has a ton of energy and his sex drive almost matches mine!

He has two black belts, one 1st degree and one 3rd degree, in two different styles of martial arts and in one of them he is one of only 13 certified teachers in the US. He's a big Portland Trailblazers fan, through the good and the bad.

He's incredible with a camera and I think he should do something professional with his skill, but he's happy with it as a hobby.

He supports me in anything and everything I want to do. He's loving, stubborn, sexy, attentive, sweet, sarcastic, generous, exciting, rarely jealous, funny and so much more.

And did I mention how fucking great he is in bed? Mmmm yeah!

Ask me anything at all!

Do you like to give or receive rimjobs? (ass licking)

I love having someone lick my ass, who wouldn't, it feels good. And I really love to give a guy a rimjob while stroking his cock, it always makes him explode in a massive orgasm :D

BUT, it's all about hygene, if you're not clean then it's not happening.

Ask me anything at all!

Does it ever bother you that you're refered to as a slut or a slutwife?

Not at all! I'm a happily married woman AND I'm a kinky dirty slut... put it together and I'm a slutwife :)

Names and labels don't mean much to me - I am a BBW, I am a slut, I am fat, I am a geek, etc.

None of those words are bad things and It's sad that some people use terms as derogatory when they're really just words. I find it hot when someone calls me a slut ;)

Ask me anything at all!

when was the last fuck you had that wasn't with your hubby?

Today is Monday, it was Sunday, yesterday... last night, if you count women, and yesterday afternoon if you only mean guys :)

Saturday night we had a bit of a drunken orgy with 5 others, one of the guys stuck around and made sure to fuck me again before he left. Then a gal pal of my hubby came over last night and we ended up fucking until he got home and joined.

Ask me anything at all!

Monday, July 5, 2010

What's your favorite form of cuddling after sex?

Spooning... I really enjoy fucking in that position so that after a guy cums, we're already in a good place to relax and take in the moment.

I also really enjoy the feeling when the cock softens and plops out of me, allowing some cum to flow out of me and down between us.

The best thing about this is if we nap a bit after sex and I wake up in that same position with his cock hard again and poking around to get in me again! :D

Ask me anything at all!

What's your favorite kind of foreplay?

I love making out while our hands explore each other... kiss me passionately while you finger my pussy and I'm yours ;)

Ask me anything at all!

What was the longest you have sucked a dick?

Maybe an hour or so... I love to suck my hubby off while he's playing a video game, splitting his attention between me and the game makes him last a long time!

And the build up is incredible, when he finally does blow his load it's massive and powerful! I love it! :D

Ask me anything at all!

How often do you fake an orgasm?

I don't... it does take a little effort for me to orgasm, but I usually cum fairly easily given the right mood and sensations. But if I don't, then it's not a big deal, I don't fake.

I feel when a woman does this, it teaches the wrong thing to guys. That if a woman doesn't orgasm then it wasn't good... that's not true AT ALL! It feels sooo good being stroked, fingered, licked and/or fucked and even if I don't cum that doesn't mean I didn't love every minute of it!

So girls... stop faking, and guys... get over a gals orgasm being an ego boost... everyone just do what you do and have fun!!

Ask me anything at all!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting To Know Me...

It's been a busy couple weeks and I haven't been online much. But since I have a bit of extra time before I leave for work this morning, I thought I'd take a few minutes and tell you a little more about me... no, not my favorite color or what I was like when I was 4 years old... the good stuff! So here's all about me and the how, when, where, who and why of fucking!!


Let's start with why, that's an easy one... because it feels fucking incredible! I love cock, I love pussy, I love tits and asses and nipples and fingers and toes and assholes and tongues and lips and everything else! But what I love most of all is how it feels when all those body parts come together in so many different ways! That's why I fuck :D


So... how do I fuck... every which way I can! LOL! Ok, this one may be a long one as 'how' means a lot of different things.

I'm into doing and trying just about anything, except scatplay and the really hard stuff. I like some bondage and I enjoy getting rough sometimes, but my personal preference is that if it leaves a mark or draws blood then I don't really wanna do it. I don't mind playing the dominatrix and can humiliate and degrade, spank, slap, spit and shame with the best, if that's what you're into!

My favorite positions are probably reverse cowgirl - it allows me to ride at my speed while the guy plays with my ass and for some reason guys seem to really love my tits sliding and bouncing on their legs, and of course doggy - it's probably the best position for the deepest, hardest penetration and I love how my tits and belly hang and swing.

I'm the type that wants it in all my holes, I love sucking cock and enjoy anal. I'm also a cum slut and, as long as it's safe in terms of disease and such, I always want the cum inside me! It's fun when a guy want to cum on my tits or belly or face, etc, but the feeling of the cum hitting the walls of my pussy or ass, or shooting down my throat is just the best feeling for me!

I have a few fetishes I'm especially into... exhibitionism - I love showing off & flashing my body and sex in public is so erotic and exciting, gloryholes - there's just something so kinky about sucking and fucking anonymous cock, pussy pumping - vacuum pumping my pussy lips makes it look incredible, feel awesome and guys tell me it's even tighter than normal! Of course that's just a few things I'm into, it would take a much larger blog to list everything!

Finally, group sex... personally I like threesomes and foursomes best. I've been in some great orgies, pulled a couple trains and been the focus of some gangbangs but smaller group play is just more fun as you can feel more connected and comfortable with all involved. That's not to say I don't enjoy just bending over a pool table and letting guy after guy after guy just fuck the shit out of me, fill me with cum and then step aside for the next guy... sometimes that's all I need ;)


Short answer... I love morning sex best! BUT I'm also deleriously happy fucking any of the other 23 hours a day, 7 days a week :D


Another fairly short answer here... I'll do it just about anywhere. From a simple bed to my parents kitchen counter to an airplane bathroom or even in a coffin! Craziest place ever? In the middle of a clothing rack during open hours of a local Fred Meyer dept store!

And that's just fucking... there's also blowjobs in parking lots and theme park rides, handjobs on airplanes and in checkout lines, pussy fingering in restaurants and traffic jams, etc, etc, etc.


And finally who! Well, sure, let's start with my first... it was with my then boyfriend in the shower of my parents house. It was not enjoyable at all, in any way... sad to say my first sexual relationship was not good at all, I learned to quickly fake orgasms. If my sexual being was based on him and another after, you wouldn't be reading this and I'm sure I'd be one of those women who only has 'intercourse' for procreation purposes!

Thank God I met my hubby!! He made sex good... not just good, but AMAZING! He also opened me up to so many new and kinky things and, above all, made me feel so sexy and so good about myself. Without him, you would have never seen me naked, read about my sexy exploits or had a chance to fuck me... so everyone needs to bow down and thank him! ;)

So on to who I'm fucking right now -
  • I have a steady fuck buddy, Jason, he's as close to a boyfriend as you can get when you're married, lol.
  • My hubby has two girlfriends (lucky guy, I know), Summer & Emily, and of course they play with me as well :D
  • We have a couple, Jim and Pamela (we tease them and call them our Office couple), that likes to come down from Seattle once or twice a month to go out with us and they always stay a night or two with us.
  • My hubby also currently shares me with a couple of his friends, whom I can't name as they're both married.
  • We've recently met a new friend (who you sorta saw in the pics posted a few weeks back), I can't name her as well due to her job. We've only had a chance to hook up with her a couple times now but we're hoping for more soon, especially since she has a new guy that wants to meet us, he's bi and into swinging too.
  • Then there's always an occasional stranger or fan that we'll bring home for some fun.
  • Oh, and of course my hubby, whom I fuck at least a couple times a day.

So there ya go... more fun info about yours truly! Now don't you just love getting to know someone better! ;D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missed Connection...

That's what they call on Craigslist right? Where people post stuff like 'I saw you on the bus. You in a blue scarf - me holding a book of poetry - our eyes met and it was true love. I was about to say something but then your stop came and you ran off the bus in a panic'... or something like that right? lol

Anyway, today I'm gonna use my blog as a missed connection ad. Why? It'll become clear. Here goes.


Last night I ordered a pizza, 6/16, 10pm. You came to my door in a Pizza Hut cap and jacket - I wore only a very tight yellow smurfs shirt with no bra (quite chilly last night as you could clearly tell) and a pair of red panties. You gave me a pizza, I gave you a good look at my ass when I put it down and grabbed my credit card. We talked PS3, your bedroom, and you mentioned your EX-wife as you stared at me for many long minutes.

I strongly felt as if you knew who I was but you were either too shy or maybe couldn't quite place me at the moment, not just the Val that ordered a pizza... but Voluptuous Val, the BBW slutwife. I liked you, it was very apparent you liked me, I'd be happy to fuck the life outta you. I was going to invite you in but then you took off before I could. So now you have my name, number and address... if you see this, leave me a comment here and come let me give you the 'tip' you deserve for a very tasty pizza ;)


Ok, so what do ya think? Does it get my message across? Here's hoping :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you like pussy and dick freshly washed or do you like them smelling a bit pungent/raunchy or both?

I love the taste, smell and smooth feel of a freshly cleaned cock/pussy but I actually really enjoy the natural scent of most people.

There have been a couple guys that I couldn't deal with, I would play for a bit and then mention that I do the really nasty stuff in the shower and they're more than happy to jump in there with me... problem solved ;)

Ask me anything at all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Awesome Art - Spotlight on Pockubus!

My hubby is a huge fan of erotic art & artists and he's introduced me to some amazing stuff. I thought it'd be nice to focus some posts here on our favorites :)

First up - known to most as Pockubus, her name is Ashley... this talented artist is a somewhat shy tranny gal that we've had the luck to meet and chat with a lot online recently. She actually lives not too far from us so we're all really looking forward to meeting up and hanging out soon!

She's a huge geek, just like us, and we've had so much fun getting to know her... I'm thinking we'll have even more fun when she comes down for a visit ;)

This was the first one I ever saw and the one that my hubby fell in love with - Bowl of Udon

She draws some incredible chubby chicks, I cannot wait for her to draw me, I know it's gonna look amazing!

Though many of her pics feature girls with a bit too much muscle for my tastes, this one of Sailor Moon as Thor is the exception, she looks awesome all buffed up!

And of course she draws some amazing Futa and Tranny art!

And this last one is one of our favs, it's so crazy and silly even if you're not into the content you just gotta love it! It works in BBW, Futa, Nuns, Furry and maybe a couple other 'fetishes'... Awesome!

So these are just some samples of her art, if you wanna check out more follow these links to a couple of her galleries -
Ashley is one of the coolest gals I know, and I don't even fully know her yet! Feel free to post comments and, if you check out more of her stuff, let her know you found her here :)

Do youu prefer having a full bush, trimmed, or shaved or all three?

Depends on my mood really. I love the feeling of being fully shaved and completely smooth, but it's a lot of upkeep to have it that way all the time and unfortunately I don't always have time for that.

Most of the time I'd have to say I keep it nicely trimmed.

I also have guys that want me to have a full bush (like I do right now) and so I'll let it grow out every now and them to make them happy :)

Ask me anything at all!

If you were granted the ability to be a man for a day, would you? If so, what's the first thing you would do? (My wife says she'd make me give her a blow job - not sure how to feel about that!)

LOL... yeah, I'd make you give me a blowjob too, if it's ok with your wife that it ;)

Seriously though, I'd probably be the biggest man-slut ever, sticking my cock into any hole I could find, male or female. I think it's the same with everyone, we always wonder what it feels like for the other person and it'd be cool to find out!

Ask me anything at all!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few New Pics! Really!!

No way! YES WAY! It's been forever since I've posted some new pics here, and these are even more special for readers on my blog as they've never been posted anywhere else or seen by anyone else... tell your friends! hehe :D

Just a few pics of me having some fun with an exciting new friend not too long ago...

Hope ya liked em! Be sure to tell me what you think, k'?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sexy Storytime - A Perfect Start To The Morning

A rare morning that our usual sex wasn't an option, I decided to have some quick fun.

I had to hurry... my hubby had to be up and on the way out in twenty minutes. He was still sleeping and I already shut off the alarm. I pulled my hair up and twisted it a couple times before tying it back, not wanting my hair to tickle him.

Of course I stepped on just the wrong spot of the floor, the same spot I always seem to step on when doing this, and I froze as a creak came from the floor. He was still sound asleep though... I snuck back over to the bed and very slowly, very carefully pulled the blankets off of him. I'm a blanket hog and he's fine with no covers at all so he didn't even stir. I looked at him for a few moments, staring at his cock first, eventually tearing my eyes away to trace the lines of his chest, his tummy, around to his legs. I shivered a moment... mmmm, he's perfect.

I tried to find a good position as I didn't want to wake him just yet, this was way too fun. No time for foreplay though, gotta do this quick or he'd wake up too early. I took him into my hand, limp and soft but it felt so good. I quickly lowered my mouth down onto it and started circling my tongue around the head, gently sucking on it.

My suction action was already having an effect, his cock growing larger in my mouth. I felt him start to stir and he made a cute little noise. After a bit of gentle sucking and playing his light snoring had stopped, but I didn't know he was awake yet until I felt his hand on my head. I smile as best I can and start sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, stroking him as my head moves.

I know what he likes. Quick little techniques. My tongue, flat so he can feel all of it against him, pressing him towards the top of my mouth as I suck hard, making my mouth feel very tight. Taking my lips to the very tip so I can play with the head and lap around and in the tiny hole. He likes it. I like it. He's so hard and so smooth and soft.

I hope he cums soon, but I know he's holding back, I can feel him getting really tense, holding his legs really tight together. I know he's trying not to cum, to make it last. I slowed down for a few moments, glancing at the clock. We don't really have time to hold back so I speed up my efforts, putting more passion into it, wanting him to cum in my mouth. I feel him tense really hard and his legs move around randomly, his hands are in my hair, holding my head really tightly, hurting me a little bit. I love it. He starts making soft noises deep in his throat and his cock begins to twitch in my mouth. It even seems to get a little bigger and harder, he's close, really close.

I pull most of him out of my mouth and continue stroking him with my hand, sucking hard and moving the tip of my tongue against the head of his cock. Then suddenly and powerfully he cums in my mouth. The first spurt always startles me as I feel it jet against my tongue amd shoot down my throat. It's salty and thick, but it always tastes so good. His hips lift up off the bed while he's cumming, his body shaking a bit and his hands holding my head firmly. A few more strong jets and it starts to calm down, leaving with a softening, twitching cock to clean up.

I happily lick it and kiss it until he pulls me up and kisses me, his lips pressed hard against mine. He pulls away and says, "I love you." I say it back and then it's time for him to get ready to go meet some friends, only ten minutes before he needs to leave so he's quick to dress and then he's gone.

I'm left alone, horny and happy. He'll gladly take care of me later, but this was all about him. My hubby's going to have a good day and I know I gave him a great start. I laugh, feeling good about myself so I hop in the shower and have some fun with myself... but that's another story ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I saw you liked gloryholes do you just suck on dicks or do you let guys fuck you to?

Yes, I love them and absolutely I let people fuck me, both through the hole and sometimes I'll let someone in with me.

I once tried a booth with two holes but it was a little too wide (or more likely I'm just too short :p) and I couldn't get the cock in my pussy and still reach the one to suck so I just had to jack him off.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How many times a day do you masturbate? How & where?

Most weekdays I'll masturbate an average of twice a day. At least once or twice at work (in the bathroom or sitting at my desk) and then sometimes at home, if either my hubby is out or I just want to get myself going for sex.

Weekends I get myself off more often, randomly during the day or night whenever I feel the urge.

Last Saturday I was working in my garden and suddenly got so horny that I pulled my pants off and fucked myself with the handle of one of my hand tools. Then I just slid back into my pants and went right back to work :)

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Are you really bisexual or are you one of those that just take pictures with other women or pretend you've been with them?

I am absolutely bisexual and love being with all kinds of women - almost as much as men! I don't just pose or pretend... I enjoy going down on women, sucking, licking, fingering, fisting, eating creampies, using strapons... any and all of it!

In fact I've been with two women just in the past week! One a long time fuck buddy and the other a great new friend I think we'll be having lots more fun with in the future :D

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im dateing a plusized girl i <3 alot,iv tried 2convince her shes beautifull & that i Actually PREFUR bigirls bt shes still very garded &sensitive about her size &dont want her2 think im teasing her how do i Convince her its ok 2 B who she is &I <3 her 4it

Just be patient with her, keep with it but don't overwhelm her and don't try to convince her as that usually comes out sounding fake even though you mean well. Also, it's just as much what you do, not just what you say, that'll show her how beautiful she is.

Unfortunately even in this more enlightened time, a bigger gal grows up with society pounding it in her mind that she has to be skinny and perfect to be beautiful.

It took me finding my hubby to realize that, even with all my faults and blemishes, I am quite lovely and know that others can see that too. Most importantly, I have come to love my body and that's what really counts.

If you're able to share porn with her, take her to a forum like Chubby Parade and show her the many galleries of other gals and all the supportive and lustful comments they get.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

I have a very small penis and have only been with really skinny girls. I LOVE big girls though but I'm afraid that it won't go in cause of the fat pussy. What's the smallest dick you've had and did you enjoy it?

It's just under 2 inches and though the fucking isn't the best ever (though he sure seems to really enjoy it) he more than makes up for it with everything else. He's a great lover, better than most with big cocks, and I invite him into my pussy whenever he wants it... and he wants it often :)

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I hope I don't sound like a stalker but I saw you late last night at Safeway, with a guy that had his hands all over you. You had the best & most cleavage ever! I followed you for a bit and saw you flash your tits at the guy and let him squeeze them!!

LOL, yeah, that was me and my hubby! He was a little buzzed and gets horny when he drinks so of course he was all over me :)

Just where were you hiding? I looked around before I pulled my tits out and didn't see anyone, did you also see the second time when I pressed them against the glass frezzer door? ;) And you're obviously not a stalker or you would have followed us back out and seen me give him a bj in the car!

But the real question is, why didn't you come up to me? I would have been glad to let you play with them too!! :D

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How long did u make hubby wait when u were dating before u had sex

Though I didn't become a sexual fiend until much later, I was crazy with lust just after meeting him. On our first date (Y2K New Years Eve) we ended up making out in my parents basement when I stradled him, grabbed his hands and pushed them up under my shirt to my tits. I asked him very sweetly if that bothered him, he just smiled and we dry humped until my family got home from a party.

I think it was our 3rd official date when we ended up back there watching a movie, there was something about oral on a girl in it and I told him no one had ever done that to me. He eventually coerced my pants off and went at it, I was so nervous but he made me cum twice before I pushed him to the floor and rode him like a wild woman ;)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

describe the best sex you ever had

The night of and the day after my wedding... yes, we stayed in our Florida hotel room for about 30 hours, almost constantly making love, having wild sex and fucking like bunnies. I made my hubby cum 23 times and I truly lost count of how many orgasms (felt like hundred :p) I had.

Then, that night we went to a party and ended up meeting a great gal, went back to the room and spent the rest of the night with her. The two weeks that followed went much like that as well... so there's the best sex I ever had.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

You must have a really high sex drive! Do you feel you have sex with others because your husband can't keep up?

First off, I don't HAVE to have sex, I WANT to! I enjoy sex and different people bring different experiences to it.

My husband can more than keep up with me, keep in mind that when I'm with other guys & girls, my hubby is usually right there in it too or off fucking someone else.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tell about the first time a boy played with your tits. Age and situation

I developed very early so I was a bit of a freak in that way among those my age. In fact, you could call the first time anyone played with my tits a 'gangbang of curiousity' :D

I went to an uptight christian school so the body or sex or what parts did what wasn't ever discussed there. Awhile after my breasts started really showing, kids were curious.

So one day the teacher was out and there were about 10 of us in the classroom, I was showing my bra to a couple of the girls and the rest came over to see. I took it off and everyone started touching my chest, it was kinda cool, nothing really sexual but it was probably one of the first steps to who I am today :P

Interestingly, one of the boys did actually squeeze them and pinched the nipples (thus this is my answer as being the first time a boy played with them). Though I don't think it was meant to be sexual at the time, I know he became a tit lover. I fucked him a few years ago after a reunion and the whole time he never stopped playing with my tits! lol

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hey val when u blow up and become a star will u start making people pay to view ur site

I've always planned to have a paysite with a lot of different content, what I hope will be more than worth paying for. Unfortunately I've run into some snags and just haven't gotten it going yet.

My blog is meant as a companion to the site and will always be free and I'll continue to post pics, stories and such there.

You'll also still find me on the community sites and forums posting stuff.

It all comes down to the fact that I like people seeing me nude and fucking, I wouldn't ever restrict that behind a paysite wall, but you will get even more awesome stuff if you decide to subcribe to my site.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

What makes for good sex? Is it just an orgasm or is there more to it?

So much more to it... it's every moment of intense feeling, it's laughter and tears, it's letting go, it's a sexual rollercoaster with wave after wave of pleasure, it's understanding and communication, it's uncaging your wild side, it's slow, it's fast, it's soft, it's rough, it's pure passion!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful bunny day :D

Isn't that cute? No I didn't think so either, blahhh! Well, it was all I could find so I posted it anyway :P lol

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you like being fat?

Yes and no.

I'll be honest, I know the health risks so I'm always looking for way to live healthier. I also know that there are things in life that would probably be easier for me if I was skinny.

On the other hand, I'm very comfortable with my body and love my curves. I also love that the people that like my body, REALLY like my body!

Besides, ya don't get these natural big tits with a size 3 waist ;) lol

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you have any fetishes?

Many! I'm the kind of gal that will try anything once and stick with it if I like it :)

My faves though? I'm a huge exhibitionist, I'm a regular at the gloryholes, I love pussy pumping, I really enjoy rape fantasy play and I have a thing for strapons. Just to name a few ;)

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Have you ever used one of your sex toys on a partner, like taking a dildo up a guy's butt?

Oh yes, and I love it. I know lots of guys that enjoy taking a dildo or strap-on and it really turns me on too! :D

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What kinds of sex toys do you like to use?

Lots! I have a huge variety to choose from and even have an entire shelf in the closet just for my toys :)

My favorite toys at the moment? My ibuzz two (AWESOME), my trusty JackRabbit, a certain one of my glass dildos and my lipstick vibe that I use to get off in my office :)

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

You're a gamer? Can I add you on the PS3 or xbox?

I don't do xbox, I'm a Sony gal :)

You can add me on the PS3, my PSN ID is redknight13.

Keep in mind that I'm not always the one playing on there and my friends list is always pretty full so we don't accept blank requests, ever.

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do you like your hair grabbed and pulled or your ass smacked during sex

I always like getting my ass smacked... during sex, shopping, walking down a sidewalk or anywhere else!

Hair pulling is more a mood I need to be in... that wild, randy, take me kinda thing. Luckly for most guys I'm in that mood a lot! :D

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Oh god! So sexy and a gamer too?? I just came in my pants!

LOL! Yes, as I keep saying, it's true!

Now go clean that mess up! Or get over here so I can lick it up ;)

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What's the biggest cock you've ever had inside you? The smallest? Which do you like better?

My biggest was about 12" and the smallest was 2" or so. Funny comparison between those two guys though? Mr 12" was horrible in bed... I mean BAD in almost every way, while Mr 2" was fantastic and he's always welcome over when he's in town. Just goes to show it really isn't what you have but what you do with it and what you know!

I love all cock, whatever size or shape they may be. As long as it's clean and healthy, give it to me :)

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How much sex do you have in an average week?

On average... at least twice a day with my hubby, we usually have a friend stay over once or twice a week, and weekends can be anywhere from normal or orgy like numbers depending on if we stay in, go to a club or out with friends, or to a swinger club or party.

So to answer your question? Mmmmm, lots! :D

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, the questions keep rolling in, I've posted most of them on twitter and some on here. So the question I have for you - is this overwhelming at all? I look at the blog and it has taken over the front page, are you as a reader enjoying them? I meant to have more regular posts in between all the Q&As but life has prevented me from doing much online lately. That said, at the very least, the questions I'm posting are better than nothing new at all, right? ;)

I do have some good sexy storytime posts almost done, a toy review I've been meaning to finish, maybe a quick life update and I hope to have some new pics to put up for your enjoyment soon.

So speak up! Friends, fans and lurkers (I know you're there)... come out of the shadows and let me hear from you!

fav position

They all feel soooo good, but I think I'd have to choose reverse cowgirl. I like to control the motion and having my ass played with during sex drives me crazy :D

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whats ur record for fuckings in one day?

Most people in a single day? 16

Most times actually fucked in a day? I think around 25-30 (I lost count)

Most orgasms in a day? Hell, probably 50 or so, who knows! :p

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how turned on do you get knowing guys are jerking off to your pictures? you are really hot by the way

Thanxxx! I get really wet just thinking about the guys that are getting off over me!

In fact, on one of my gallery sites I have a section just for the shots that guys send me of when they print out and cum on my pics... HOT!! :D

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Where's the weirdest place you've ever had sex?

So many to choose from! The weirdest though? Hmmm... probably inside a coffin at a funeral home... kinda creepy and freaky but exciting too!

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Do you remember a specific event where you awakened sexually? A catalyzing event where you realized this is an important part of you?

Wow, I don't know if there's room here to fully answer this so I'll just say that it happened around 9 years ago, it was more a series of events and it was all thanks to my husband, he corrupted me so good :D

I love this question so much that I'll greatly expand on my answer in a post on my blog soon, k'?

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you seem too good to be true, do u really love sex and video games really?

LOL, it may seem that way but I really am 100% real!

I think it's clear to everyone I LOVE sex, but yeah, I'm a pretty kick ass gamer too!

I'm a serious PS3 trophy whore (almost lvl 19 for those in the know) and love action & RPG games the most. For more on my gamer side, you can check out my Playfire page here -

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how wet do you get? does it taste good?

I get pretty wet, more so if I'm really turned on. I also squirt sometimes when I orgasm so that'll leave a nice wet spot, lol.

I think I taste pretty good (I've tasted plenty of my own juices off of fingers, lips, cocks, etc.) and I haven't heard a single complaint from the guys and gals that go down on me with pleasure :D

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in that pic of u at sonic did u leave ur top off wen they brought ur food or had they already delivered

I kept my top off the whole time, the guy that delivered our drinks came back over twice and even sent one of the other guys over to check out my tits before we left!

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Have you ever been fisted? If so, by a man or a woman? Did you like it?

Yes, by both men and women. And yes, I really like it as long as the person(s) know what they're doing.

You can even check out one of my old blog posts to read about one of my favorite times getting fisted!

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Are you a creampie girl? If so, how well do you have to know someone before they unload inside you?

God yes! I'm very sensitive inside and LOVE the feeling when a guy cums in me! I like it wherever but in my pussy is actually my fave spot.

I am a safe gal though and know the dangers, but if a guy I don't know very well can show they've been tested and they're clean... well, cum on in ;)

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Got Questions? Ask Away!

I just signed up for, it's a site where anyone can ask me a question and when I respond it'll automatially post here and on my twitter page.

So if you have a question for me, any question no matter how nasty or mundane, then go to this link -

To keep the posts to a reasonable number I'll only send the really good questions here however, I don't want to flood my blog :P

This could be a lot of fun, we'll see :D

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back, I'm Back! Well... Almost ;)

Long time no blog huh? It's been a very long winter since iTunes killed my laptop and much has happened since! I'm on a shiny new desktop and I hope to be back to my usual naked, sexy, flirty, fucking the online world self in no time ;D

Life has gotten better and seems to still be on the rise (knock on wood). I got a fantastic new job! I'm still the new girl there so it's taking up a good bit of my time, I'm actually loving it though and making twice what I did at the last one that fired me for the lamest fucking reason ever, so kiss my big fat ass Wells Fargo! I even have my own office, a super hot assistant and some very cute, very flirty guys and gals to work with... if things go well, you're sure to hear more about them here ;)

We also just moved out of our shithole apartment into a pretty nice little house... well, I say 'just moved' but we're actually still moving. In fact, this computer is set up on a little folding table until we get the desk in here! LOL! We're over half done, still lots of stuff to get over here... it just blows me away just how much shit we've accumulated in recent years!

Otherwise life has been running pretty normally, we always seem to be busy and our sex life has been pretty insane. My hubby had his first all girl gangbang, just him and 9 women! He was actually quite amazing and left us all pretty exhausted, I'll probably write some more on that at a later time :)

A couple things about the blog... at some point in my absence the counter shut down, so I just removed it. I'm really bummed as I loved seeing how many visits I had, last I saw it was around 13k! So be sure to leave me some comments so I know you stopped by! I also wanted to say hi and welcome to all my new followers, that number at least tripled while I was gone so I'll be sure to start posting more of the good stuff for ya! :D

So there it is, once life has settled down just a bit I'll be back here and on all my other social sites (Twitter, FetLife, xPeeps, Chubby Parade, etc) much more! Until then, at least you're sure to see me around a lot more than in the last 6 months ;)

Kisses and blowjobs for all, I've missed you so much! :*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not around for awhile...

I haven't posted here in far too long and unfortunately it may be awhile before I can again as my main connection to the internet for now is through an iPod touch and it's not as compatible with many sites as I'd like :(

A few months ago an iTunes update crashed our computer and we haven't had the extra cash to get it worked on. We've also been dealing with the worst year ever, but we're hanging in there and working to make life better.

So I will say a quick Happy New Year to all and here's hoping for a much better one than last year!