Friday, April 16, 2010

I have a very small penis and have only been with really skinny girls. I LOVE big girls though but I'm afraid that it won't go in cause of the fat pussy. What's the smallest dick you've had and did you enjoy it?

It's just under 2 inches and though the fucking isn't the best ever (though he sure seems to really enjoy it) he more than makes up for it with everything else. He's a great lover, better than most with big cocks, and I invite him into my pussy whenever he wants it... and he wants it often :)

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I hope I don't sound like a stalker but I saw you late last night at Safeway, with a guy that had his hands all over you. You had the best & most cleavage ever! I followed you for a bit and saw you flash your tits at the guy and let him squeeze them!!

LOL, yeah, that was me and my hubby! He was a little buzzed and gets horny when he drinks so of course he was all over me :)

Just where were you hiding? I looked around before I pulled my tits out and didn't see anyone, did you also see the second time when I pressed them against the glass frezzer door? ;) And you're obviously not a stalker or you would have followed us back out and seen me give him a bj in the car!

But the real question is, why didn't you come up to me? I would have been glad to let you play with them too!! :D

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How long did u make hubby wait when u were dating before u had sex

Though I didn't become a sexual fiend until much later, I was crazy with lust just after meeting him. On our first date (Y2K New Years Eve) we ended up making out in my parents basement when I stradled him, grabbed his hands and pushed them up under my shirt to my tits. I asked him very sweetly if that bothered him, he just smiled and we dry humped until my family got home from a party.

I think it was our 3rd official date when we ended up back there watching a movie, there was something about oral on a girl in it and I told him no one had ever done that to me. He eventually coerced my pants off and went at it, I was so nervous but he made me cum twice before I pushed him to the floor and rode him like a wild woman ;)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

describe the best sex you ever had

The night of and the day after my wedding... yes, we stayed in our Florida hotel room for about 30 hours, almost constantly making love, having wild sex and fucking like bunnies. I made my hubby cum 23 times and I truly lost count of how many orgasms (felt like hundred :p) I had.

Then, that night we went to a party and ended up meeting a great gal, went back to the room and spent the rest of the night with her. The two weeks that followed went much like that as well... so there's the best sex I ever had.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

You must have a really high sex drive! Do you feel you have sex with others because your husband can't keep up?

First off, I don't HAVE to have sex, I WANT to! I enjoy sex and different people bring different experiences to it.

My husband can more than keep up with me, keep in mind that when I'm with other guys & girls, my hubby is usually right there in it too or off fucking someone else.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tell about the first time a boy played with your tits. Age and situation

I developed very early so I was a bit of a freak in that way among those my age. In fact, you could call the first time anyone played with my tits a 'gangbang of curiousity' :D

I went to an uptight christian school so the body or sex or what parts did what wasn't ever discussed there. Awhile after my breasts started really showing, kids were curious.

So one day the teacher was out and there were about 10 of us in the classroom, I was showing my bra to a couple of the girls and the rest came over to see. I took it off and everyone started touching my chest, it was kinda cool, nothing really sexual but it was probably one of the first steps to who I am today :P

Interestingly, one of the boys did actually squeeze them and pinched the nipples (thus this is my answer as being the first time a boy played with them). Though I don't think it was meant to be sexual at the time, I know he became a tit lover. I fucked him a few years ago after a reunion and the whole time he never stopped playing with my tits! lol

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hey val when u blow up and become a star will u start making people pay to view ur site

I've always planned to have a paysite with a lot of different content, what I hope will be more than worth paying for. Unfortunately I've run into some snags and just haven't gotten it going yet.

My blog is meant as a companion to the site and will always be free and I'll continue to post pics, stories and such there.

You'll also still find me on the community sites and forums posting stuff.

It all comes down to the fact that I like people seeing me nude and fucking, I wouldn't ever restrict that behind a paysite wall, but you will get even more awesome stuff if you decide to subcribe to my site.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

What makes for good sex? Is it just an orgasm or is there more to it?

So much more to it... it's every moment of intense feeling, it's laughter and tears, it's letting go, it's a sexual rollercoaster with wave after wave of pleasure, it's understanding and communication, it's uncaging your wild side, it's slow, it's fast, it's soft, it's rough, it's pure passion!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful bunny day :D

Isn't that cute? No I didn't think so either, blahhh! Well, it was all I could find so I posted it anyway :P lol

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do you like being fat?

Yes and no.

I'll be honest, I know the health risks so I'm always looking for way to live healthier. I also know that there are things in life that would probably be easier for me if I was skinny.

On the other hand, I'm very comfortable with my body and love my curves. I also love that the people that like my body, REALLY like my body!

Besides, ya don't get these natural big tits with a size 3 waist ;) lol

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you have any fetishes?

Many! I'm the kind of gal that will try anything once and stick with it if I like it :)

My faves though? I'm a huge exhibitionist, I'm a regular at the gloryholes, I love pussy pumping, I really enjoy rape fantasy play and I have a thing for strapons. Just to name a few ;)

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Have you ever used one of your sex toys on a partner, like taking a dildo up a guy's butt?

Oh yes, and I love it. I know lots of guys that enjoy taking a dildo or strap-on and it really turns me on too! :D

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What kinds of sex toys do you like to use?

Lots! I have a huge variety to choose from and even have an entire shelf in the closet just for my toys :)

My favorite toys at the moment? My ibuzz two (AWESOME), my trusty JackRabbit, a certain one of my glass dildos and my lipstick vibe that I use to get off in my office :)

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

You're a gamer? Can I add you on the PS3 or xbox?

I don't do xbox, I'm a Sony gal :)

You can add me on the PS3, my PSN ID is redknight13.

Keep in mind that I'm not always the one playing on there and my friends list is always pretty full so we don't accept blank requests, ever.

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do you like your hair grabbed and pulled or your ass smacked during sex

I always like getting my ass smacked... during sex, shopping, walking down a sidewalk or anywhere else!

Hair pulling is more a mood I need to be in... that wild, randy, take me kinda thing. Luckly for most guys I'm in that mood a lot! :D

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Oh god! So sexy and a gamer too?? I just came in my pants!

LOL! Yes, as I keep saying, it's true!

Now go clean that mess up! Or get over here so I can lick it up ;)

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What's the biggest cock you've ever had inside you? The smallest? Which do you like better?

My biggest was about 12" and the smallest was 2" or so. Funny comparison between those two guys though? Mr 12" was horrible in bed... I mean BAD in almost every way, while Mr 2" was fantastic and he's always welcome over when he's in town. Just goes to show it really isn't what you have but what you do with it and what you know!

I love all cock, whatever size or shape they may be. As long as it's clean and healthy, give it to me :)

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How much sex do you have in an average week?

On average... at least twice a day with my hubby, we usually have a friend stay over once or twice a week, and weekends can be anywhere from normal or orgy like numbers depending on if we stay in, go to a club or out with friends, or to a swinger club or party.

So to answer your question? Mmmmm, lots! :D

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