Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcum to my blog!

I'm glad you decided to check me out, I'm hoping you'll stick around for a long time and have some fun with me!

A little about me - I'm an exhibitionist and I've been nude on the web for about a year or so, mostly on various community sites and forums. I've had such an overwhelming and positive response, it's been amazing and I've loved every moment! I was set to have my own website about 6 months ago but things fell through and then I had some major computer probs. But I didn't give up and now I'm very close to being the newest Dreamnet girl! :)

So what can you expect from this blog? Lots of me! My plan is that this will be a perfect companion to my site with plenty of promo pics from my full sets, some stories to go along with them, fun pics that just don't fit on my site, exciting contest info from time to time and, of course, my random thoughts and news from my life.

Everyone's always told me that I don't seem like a normal adult model because I seem more real and love to personally connect with people. I want to continue this here by giving you a window into my life!

I'll be posting randomly until my site is up and running, then I'll be on here much more regularly. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments, I really look forward to hearing from everyone!

So climb on and get ready for a hell of a ride!