Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sexy Storytime - Fucking Incredible Sex!

I crawled on top of his rigid cock, making sure to slowly squeeze my dripping wet pussy all the way down to the base of his shaft. He moaned as he grabbed my large ass, squeezing it roughly as he pumped up into me, I could feel my juices dripping down, making each smack louder with every thrust. He slapped my ass and reached down to play with my erect clit, rapidly stroking it with one hand while gasping my fat thigh with the other and thrusting his cock up into me. I leaned forward to grab his shoulders as a loud moan escaped me, a signal that I was close to an orgasm.

I begged him to stop so I wouldn't cum so soon but he was determined to get me off before he did. He pushed me back up onto my knees, my tits bouncing as he methodically pumped into my pussy and rubbed my clit simultaneously, forcing my orgasm to get closer and closer. I so wanted to hold it back for just a little longer, I even tried to push his hand away from my cunt, but he just swatted my hand back and pinched my clit between two fingers a little harder.

My moans got louder and just when I was about to cum, he suddenly stopped and pulled me back down to him. I kissed him and begin to slowly move my body up and down on his dick, looking for a good rythem to prolong the fun. For a few moments he kissed me back, caressing and grabbing my soft, curvy body.

Then just as suddenly, he pushed me back up again, thrusting even harder and faster up into my hot, plump pussy. Moaning and screaming now, I encouraged him and played with my own clit. He grabbed my nipples, pinching them as they stretched out from my insanely bouncing breasts and soon I began to cum.

I came, loud and hard forcing his dick as deep as possible into my pussy as my orgasm let loose a flood, drenching us. He pulled me back down to him, satisfied that he made me cum so fantastically. I kissed him deeply and wrapped my arms around him as the last few waves of pleasure made my body ripple and quiver. I finally got off of him and laid down on my back, expecting him to fuck me and cum in me. He had other ideas though as he spread my legs and slowly began to lick my dripping wet pussy. My back arched as I pulled his head in closer to my sloppy wet box and it wasn't long before I was already close to my second orgasm.

He kissed and licked all the way up my body and while we kissed he pushed his dick into me, back into my aching pussy. I grabbed his arms and began to move my body in time with his thrusting and after only a few more long, deep strokes he made the familiar 'I'm close' moan that I love to hear so much. I pulled him closer onto me and told him to cum in me, cum in my pussy and that I was going to cum again as well. He exploded inside me, filling my hole with his hot cum, the feeling of each blast hitting the walls so deep inside me was enough to send me into another intense orgasm. My body arched up, and I grabbed the sheets tightly as the dam burst again.

It was the best orgasm(s) I'd had in a while, neither of us could move for what seemed like hours and when we finally did get up to head to the shower I noticed that there was a giant wet spot that stretched all the way across my bed. I think it may have been the most I've ever squirted... so far anyway ;)