Friday, March 27, 2009

Cam Sex #1 Part 1

So here some great sex caught on cam for all to watch, sorry I had to blur out the face but ya never know when a guy's wife or girlfriend might be looking ;) lol

From many years ago when I had my hair cut shorter and a blondish brown.

Let me know what ya think, I'll post some more of this set later!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I Love Sucking Cock...

So I just finished sucking off my husband... he was sitting on the couch playing Resident Evil 5 on the PS3 and I just felt the need to get him off.

In the 30 or so mins I was going at it, I found my self thinking about why I love it so much... and now you’ll know what I came up with too.

I think the main reason I enjoy sucking cock is that basically that I'm a giver. I have ALWAYS enjoyed pleasing someone else. Not that I’m completely unselfish, as I get a great deal of pleasure just doing it. Really, sometimes I can get off on just getting someone else off.

To me, sucking cock is very much like being a kid in a candy shop (insert lollipop image here)I've always felt that in order to be a truly accomplished cocksucker you have to really, really like it. Not just a little bit, not just as a secondary thing to having sex with someone, it has to be the focus of the session. I think very few woman can say this. I find it so very sad that there are many guys out there that have to beg for a blowjob, only getting one on a 'special occassion' or as a birthday gift.

There are times that just the joy of sucking is so overwhelming that I’ve had small, multiple orgasms every time his cock slides a little deeper down my throat. I'm so perfectly happy having my guy lay back and enjoy, there's no need for returning the favor (of course, I’ll never turn it down and I‘m sooooo happy that he loves going down on me too) I find it funny that almost every woman I've ever talked to about this subject has said in one way or another that a guy wanting to have his cock sucked is an act of total selfishness. Huh? What? Ok, even if it was... so fucking what?

If your lover is truly your ‘lover‘, isn't that what it's all supposed to be about? Giving yourself over to another person? Being there for him, caring about him, putting yourself and your needs secondary? Most women just don’t get it do they? And of course, if he’s willing to do the same for you then your guy gets the idea too! So, while I think I am a giver, sucking cock for me is also somewhat of a 'selfish' act, at least from the point of the incredible enjoyment that I derive from it.

I’m just a happy little cocksucker... go ahead and watch TV, have a drink, talk on the phone or play a game... don’t worry, I'll let ya know when you're done.

I love when my man is still dressed and I get to undress him, first with my eyes of course, loving the thought of what’s to ’cum’... then for real. Slowly, unzipping his pants... honestly, the anticipation is almost too much for me. Usually by this time, I’m already getting more than a bit wet myself! Reaching into his pants, wrapping my fingers around his cock, pulling it out... I’m getting turned on again just writing this!

The sensuousness of this entire act is amazing and I haven‘t even gotten my lips around it yet! It's so intimate, so giving. In addition to the act of sucking cock itself, I really do get an extreme amount of joy and pleasure when I look up at my lover and see him writhing in ecstasy, or hear him moaning uncontrollably. I feel his cock taking on a life of it's own in my mouth and jumping across my tongue, throbbing and quivering in the throes of orgasmic bliss, cum welling up from deep inside his balls, feeling that initial twitch and throb, knowing that a load of hot-white sperm is heading my way, evidence of another job well done. I just love that.

I love everything about it all... the taste, the smell, the feel, everything. Finally, I also really enjoy that moment in time, after my husband has blown his load, when his cock goes soft and it finally calms down. I take him in my hand, feeling that incredible softness and spent sexuality. Cupping his balls, I can almost feel them reloading. I love running my tongue over his soft cock and sucking it's head into my mouth with a loud SLURP if he can stand it, then playing with it and slowly, but surely, feeling him getting hard again...

*Sigh* - I just love sucking cock!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sexy Storytime - Some Anal Fun

“Face down and ass up, my little slut,” he requests, and as the ever-compliant lover I strive to be (and because I love doggie-style anyhow), I obligingly assume that position in the middle of the bed.

“Move back a bit, baby,” he demands, his hands pulling back gently on my thighs. I shuffle somewhat awkwardly toward the edge of the bed, trying not to position either knee in the large wet puddle that I caused on the bed just a half-hour earlier.

He pushes my head down more thoroughly into the pillows then dips his long cock into me just once. He withdraws and settles it in the crack of my ass. His hands move off my hips; I want to turn and see what new devilry they are up to but I obediently keep my face in the pillows.

Lube. He pours it generously down the crack of my ass, then uses his finger to rub it inside me. A finger inside me makes me blush and squirmand I beg him to exchange finger for cock.
“Be patient, little girl” He continues for an almost embarrassingly long time, until finally I feel the head of his cock once again push against me.

Then comes a wondeful routine: He makes the first, gently stretching push into my asshole, to the point that his cockhead is nearly engulfed in me. He pauses then as I become absolutely silent in concentration. I breathe deeply and feel nothing but the all-consuming (and very slightly painful) sensation of opening up my body to his. It requires quiet and complete stillness, the sexual version of a Zen meditation exercise. I breathe out very slowly and think of nothing but opening my hole up.

He waits, not moving, not speaking, only lightly running his fingertips accross my skin.

When I’m ready I push back against him, glad for the lube he put inside me. I don’t understand why (and I prefer not to know), but each stroke in feels hot, so hot, and each stroke out feels cold. I think of asking him if he feels the same, but I cannot speak.

It’s a sensation completely unlike that of vaginal fucking. It feels hotter, dirtier, closer, more extreme. I soon beg him for the entire length of his penis; he gives it to me with a vengeance. And soon I’m screaming into the pillows.

If he moves just right (and oh this man can move, Gods can he move), he hits my g-spot with his cock from inside my ass, which just may be my favorite feeling ever. If he does this, and if I’m sufficiently hydrated, and if I have the wherewithal to push at just the right moment, I gush.

Fountains, rivers, torrents of hot fluid run down my legs, and if he has his hand in the right spot, he catches a few drops of the wonderful liquid on his fingers and offers them to my mouth.
I love that.

Right before he cums, he pushes me down on the bed and crawls between my knees. I think he wants to wear me at that point, as if we could unzip our skins like two sleeping bags and zip us up back into one. I speak a string of meaningless noises and rock my hips; he bites hard into my shoulder and I feel his hot sticky cum fill my ass before he collapses onto me.

Then we pray: ohGodohGodohGodohGodohGod.

He shifts slightly, concerned for my well-being below him. I beg him not to move, please don’t move.

We lie still for five minutes.

Eventually bodies move despite our best intentions. His cock works its way out of me, making me groan in dismay. I clean myself up in the bathroom. We meet back in bed, twist around each other again, and lie still for five more minutes.

But then my hand softly strokes down his belly and his hand slides between my legs, and we start something new all over again, something that once again leaves me screaming into the comforter or the sheets or the pillows.

And today I wonder why I have such trouble both speaking and walking today.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Striptease #1 Part 2

So here's the last of the best shots from this little show. This is also probably the first time most of you have gotten so 'up close & personal' with me, if ya know what I mean ;) Enjoy and be sure to let me know what ya think... I'm not fishing for compliments, I just need to know if what I'm doing here is worthwhile.

But compliments are gladly accepted too ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Toy Review - 'Hidden Pleasures' Lipstick Vibrator

So, my second toy review is for something I've been using almost daily at my office (like today!), so you can be sure I know this little wonder very well ;)

The Hidden Pleasure Lipstick Vibrator!

This little vibe looks exactly like a simple tube of lipstick. It's virtually indistinguishable from the several other little tubes in my bathroom. The on/off twist is very intuitive, just like you would hold a lipstick by the shaft and twist the bottom counterclockwise, the vibe turns on the same way. And if you twist clockwise, the bottom comes off so that you can easily replace the AAA battery.

The vibration is quite strong and the plastic is smooth, I can switch between the flat part and the pointed end for very direct stimulation on my clit. It's a little loud when I'm in the office bathroom relieving some of the day's tension, but much quieter than other vibrators I own.
The single AAA battery lasts for a very long time, I've been using it for over 2 months straight and haven't had to replace it yet.

If you're looking for something very discreet and compact yet powerful enough to give you incredible orgasms, this sweet little toy is perfect for any gal on the go!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sexy Storytime - Shampoo

My husband and I have always enjoyed showering together whenever possible, especially after our obscenely long sessions of love making, sex, fucking or whatever it is we're doing.

It would be nice to think that it’s all about the enticement of steamy shower-sex but in all honestly, in cases like this, it’s more about propping each other up because of shaky legs, dehydration, low blood sugar, et cetera.

So I stood in the shower with him, utterly exhausted from a night of drinking and fucking, staying up until 5:00 AM having the most incredible sex and then waking up again a few hours later and doing it again. I leaned against the wall as he soaped me up, his hands running over every inch of me (EVERY inch)... never is my body so clean as when I shower with him!

And then he did something that he’s done many times before. He washed my hair.

It felt wonderful, as usual... but for some reason this time really affected me. Maybe it was the exhaustion getting to me, but at that moment it was the most beautiful thing anyone could have ever done for me. And I cried a little, my face toward the wall so he wouldn’t see as his lovingly thorough hair-washing touched me in a way that no amount of kissing, fucking, fisting, licking, fondling or cuddling ever could.

Out of all the sex we’d had the night before or even in the shower and bed after, the hair-washing was quite possibly the most intimate thing we’d done. Just another reminder that as much as I loved him already and as incredible and satisfying he is in bed, every little thing he does still reaches deep into my heart and makes me feel even more satisfied and loved.

Striptease #1 Part 1

So I think this is one of my earliest cam shows, a simple striptease (which turned into a masturbation show, but that comes in a later post) Enjoy and let me know what ya think!! I might even post a quick clip or two if I get enough encouragment! ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old webcam fun!

So I was just going through some old folders and found a ton of pics from my first webcam and the shows I did. They're a bit small and low quality but very fun!

So one of the biggest reasons I created this blog is to share stuff that you can't see elsewhere, these are obviously not good enough for a website but I can show them off nicely right here! :)

I have a couple striptease and a bunch of sex shows I did, so I'll get one set up tomorrow and watch for more cumming over the next couple weeks (pun intended as I hope you'll enjoy them that much!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Guide to my Erogenous Zones

Not that you need it, but I'm a bit bored at the moment and thought I'd so some sharing.

It starts with my senses - I want to look at you, smell your scent, hear your moans, feel your skin and your hot breath on my skin, and finally I love to taste your juices, sweat and tears.

My ears - I love to feel a tongue lightly exploring around them and your fingers rubbing them slightly.

My mouth - My most favorite erogenous zone. I want it on every inch of your body, especially your mouth, I love to be kissed.

My neck and shoulders - Your mouth, teeth & tongue finding their way along is a beautiful thing.

My nipples - I love when you pay extra attention to them... kissing, finger-fondling, twisting, sucking... whatever, go for it.

My breasts - Even more attention than my nipples... love them, fondle and squeeze them, be a little gentle though ;)

My belly - Your mouth and tongue dancing along it, teasing my navel and beyond. Your hands grasping and squeezing it.

My thighs - With your hands, fingers, mouth... inner and outer.

My ass - I'll go crazy when you hold and grab my ass, whether we're necking, fucking, going down on me... if your hands want it, my ass is yours.

My anus - you know what I like, do it.

My clit - Lick it, suck it, whatever... just be gentle.

My pussy - Deep playful fingering, maybe a fist now and then.

My legs - I love when you gently rub your hands, fingers and nails up and down the length of them.

My ankles - Love them rubbed.

Finally my feet and toes - I don't have a foot fetish by any means, but I LOVE when you touch, massage, kiss or suck them!

Not necessarily in that order of course.

And all this before any actual sex!!

There you go... have at me :D

It's been far too long...

Ok, so it's been almost a month - A MONTH!?! - since my last post. There's just no excuse but unfortunately real life has had me hellishly stressed and almost unable to really enjoy my active and wild sex life (which is really all I want out of life).

No worries though, I did say almost ;) One great way to relieve the stress of a work day is a beautiful little lipstick vibe (my next toy review for sure) that I got for Xmas from my loving man... though I've been found out by a couple co-workers. Hehe, I don't mind... I love the knowing little smiles.

Anyway, I'll be putting up a few new blog posts this week, starting with a fun one tonight! Everyone welcome me back!!