Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, the questions keep rolling in, I've posted most of them on twitter and some on here. So the question I have for you - is this overwhelming at all? I look at the blog and it has taken over the front page, are you as a reader enjoying them? I meant to have more regular posts in between all the Q&As but life has prevented me from doing much online lately. That said, at the very least, the questions I'm posting are better than nothing new at all, right? ;)

I do have some good sexy storytime posts almost done, a toy review I've been meaning to finish, maybe a quick life update and I hope to have some new pics to put up for your enjoyment soon.

So speak up! Friends, fans and lurkers (I know you're there)... come out of the shadows and let me hear from you!

fav position

They all feel soooo good, but I think I'd have to choose reverse cowgirl. I like to control the motion and having my ass played with during sex drives me crazy :D

Ask me anything

whats ur record for fuckings in one day?

Most people in a single day? 16

Most times actually fucked in a day? I think around 25-30 (I lost count)

Most orgasms in a day? Hell, probably 50 or so, who knows! :p

Ask me anything

how turned on do you get knowing guys are jerking off to your pictures? you are really hot by the way

Thanxxx! I get really wet just thinking about the guys that are getting off over me!

In fact, on one of my gallery sites I have a section just for the shots that guys send me of when they print out and cum on my pics... HOT!! :D

Ask me anything

Where's the weirdest place you've ever had sex?

So many to choose from! The weirdest though? Hmmm... probably inside a coffin at a funeral home... kinda creepy and freaky but exciting too!

Ask me anything

Do you remember a specific event where you awakened sexually? A catalyzing event where you realized this is an important part of you?

Wow, I don't know if there's room here to fully answer this so I'll just say that it happened around 9 years ago, it was more a series of events and it was all thanks to my husband, he corrupted me so good :D

I love this question so much that I'll greatly expand on my answer in a post on my blog soon, k'?

Ask me anything

you seem too good to be true, do u really love sex and video games really?

LOL, it may seem that way but I really am 100% real!

I think it's clear to everyone I LOVE sex, but yeah, I'm a pretty kick ass gamer too!

I'm a serious PS3 trophy whore (almost lvl 19 for those in the know) and love action & RPG games the most. For more on my gamer side, you can check out my Playfire page here -

Ask me anything

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how wet do you get? does it taste good?

I get pretty wet, more so if I'm really turned on. I also squirt sometimes when I orgasm so that'll leave a nice wet spot, lol.

I think I taste pretty good (I've tasted plenty of my own juices off of fingers, lips, cocks, etc.) and I haven't heard a single complaint from the guys and gals that go down on me with pleasure :D

Ask me anything

in that pic of u at sonic did u leave ur top off wen they brought ur food or had they already delivered

I kept my top off the whole time, the guy that delivered our drinks came back over twice and even sent one of the other guys over to check out my tits before we left!

Ask me anything

Have you ever been fisted? If so, by a man or a woman? Did you like it?

Yes, by both men and women. And yes, I really like it as long as the person(s) know what they're doing.

You can even check out one of my old blog posts to read about one of my favorite times getting fisted!

Ask me anything

Are you a creampie girl? If so, how well do you have to know someone before they unload inside you?

God yes! I'm very sensitive inside and LOVE the feeling when a guy cums in me! I like it wherever but in my pussy is actually my fave spot.

I am a safe gal though and know the dangers, but if a guy I don't know very well can show they've been tested and they're clean... well, cum on in ;)

Ask me anything

Got Questions? Ask Away!

I just signed up for, it's a site where anyone can ask me a question and when I respond it'll automatially post here and on my twitter page.

So if you have a question for me, any question no matter how nasty or mundane, then go to this link -

To keep the posts to a reasonable number I'll only send the really good questions here however, I don't want to flood my blog :P

This could be a lot of fun, we'll see :D

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back, I'm Back! Well... Almost ;)

Long time no blog huh? It's been a very long winter since iTunes killed my laptop and much has happened since! I'm on a shiny new desktop and I hope to be back to my usual naked, sexy, flirty, fucking the online world self in no time ;D

Life has gotten better and seems to still be on the rise (knock on wood). I got a fantastic new job! I'm still the new girl there so it's taking up a good bit of my time, I'm actually loving it though and making twice what I did at the last one that fired me for the lamest fucking reason ever, so kiss my big fat ass Wells Fargo! I even have my own office, a super hot assistant and some very cute, very flirty guys and gals to work with... if things go well, you're sure to hear more about them here ;)

We also just moved out of our shithole apartment into a pretty nice little house... well, I say 'just moved' but we're actually still moving. In fact, this computer is set up on a little folding table until we get the desk in here! LOL! We're over half done, still lots of stuff to get over here... it just blows me away just how much shit we've accumulated in recent years!

Otherwise life has been running pretty normally, we always seem to be busy and our sex life has been pretty insane. My hubby had his first all girl gangbang, just him and 9 women! He was actually quite amazing and left us all pretty exhausted, I'll probably write some more on that at a later time :)

A couple things about the blog... at some point in my absence the counter shut down, so I just removed it. I'm really bummed as I loved seeing how many visits I had, last I saw it was around 13k! So be sure to leave me some comments so I know you stopped by! I also wanted to say hi and welcome to all my new followers, that number at least tripled while I was gone so I'll be sure to start posting more of the good stuff for ya! :D

So there it is, once life has settled down just a bit I'll be back here and on all my other social sites (Twitter, FetLife, xPeeps, Chubby Parade, etc) much more! Until then, at least you're sure to see me around a lot more than in the last 6 months ;)

Kisses and blowjobs for all, I've missed you so much! :*