Monday, November 29, 2010

Sexually speaking, what are you most thankful for?

Ah, should have answered this last week around Thanksgiving huh? Well, probably what I'm most thankful for is my hubby, not just because sex with him is fantastic or he supports me and my desires so fully, but he makes me feel so beautiful and so good about myself and my body.

And when I feel so good inside and out, it makes me want to share that with everyone, so I guess I'm very thankful I get to fuck whatever men and women that I want and I can truly enjoy every moment of every sexual encounter :D

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you like feeling a hot, messy, load of cum shooting all over your ass? Would love to do that to you ;)

Actually I always prefer to feel the cum shoot in my ass or another hole of your choosing!

If a guy wants to cum on me though, I'm more than happy to let him, but I'd rather be able to watch it... my tits, belly or face all seem to be popular targets :)

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

what's the biggest cock you've been able to deepthroat completely?? how big of a strapon do u use to fuck other guys and girls doggystyle? What's the biggest you used

I love to deepthroat during a blowjob, get it all the way in there and then use my tongue on the balls! Unfortunately I'm not able to take the big ones down deep, probably a 6 or 7 inch is my limit... but that sure doesn't stop me from trying! Heh!

As for strapons, I have and use a variety of sizes... from just a few inches to a huge 14" long, 4" wide monster and a few others in between!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

have you ever had sex in a jacuzzi??

Oh yes! Jacuzzis and hot tubs are great! Love it... hot, wet, spashy waves, sometimes very little privacy, jets, bubbles and they're perfect for group fun! My fav hotel we use to get away for a night or a weekend has a big jacuzzi that is probably used more than the bed! lol

Hot tubs are especially good in the winter months when the water is hot and the air is cold! You get the sudden, stark contrast of temps. I love the feeling of riding hard on a cock and my tits are bouncing in and out of the water. My nipples getting cold and rock hard in the freezing air and then hitting the super hot water, then back out into the air again, then the water and so on... it feels incredible!!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

what the biggest cock youve taken up the ass??

He was a lttle over 10", really thick. He didn't go quite all the way in though, he was going slow and almost had his cock worked all in me but then he came before we could really get into some ass pounding and we haven't had the chance to do it again yet.

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Have any of you ladies ever been in the office or in a moving car alone and gotten really horny? What did you do?

Of course and I usually just masterbate, more to an orgasm in my office but a little light play is ok in the car, you just can't let it distract you from driving.

A skirt is a must and stop lights, traffic jams and following a school bus is always a lot of fun! Sometimes the best part? Entertaining people in other cars! ;)

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Monday, November 15, 2010

How old were you the first time you gave a guy a hand job? Did you enjoy it?

I was very young, I won't say how young though ;) But I did really enjoy doing it, I remember watching the cum shoot out and being really excited.

It's probably why I still enjoy the feel of a cock in my hand and also love watching guys cum on me... it still excites me!!

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Think about your first sexual experience with another person. Would you rate it as good or bad? What about it was good or bad?

My first sexual experience by myself was great, I loved exploring the new feelings and sensations!

Unfortunately my first actual sex wasn't good at all, it was in the shower, very uncomfortable and he didn't have a clue what he was doing. I'm sad to say I never orgasmed with him during our entire relationship.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back From Vacation - Exhausted In All The Right Ways!

Yup, I'm back home and unfortunately already back to work :( I'm still trying to get myself back into real life, NOT enjoying it too much at the moment! I'm already looking forward to the weekend so I can get sloppy drunk and and even more sloppily fucked!

Had an incredible time in Orlando though, both in and out of the hotel room of course! Hehe ;) I'll write more later, just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone! Hi!!