Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Wish List

People with an eye for detail may have noticed that I've added an Amazon Wish List to my page here. No, I'm not going to start begging for gifts :p

I've gotten a lot of messages through formspring and twitter lately about my old wish list on xPeeps and MySpace and what they could send me... well I'm sure not gonna turn down gifts!

So with my birthday being this week (tomorrow actually!) and xmas coming up, I thought I'd go ahead and rework my Amazon list and post it up here. I'm still browsing through stuff but there's plenty of cool things there to get it started!

Just click through if you wanna get me something... oh, did I not mention that you'll always get something in return?? Anytime I get a gift, I always send a few very personal pictures back to the sender, of course they would be of me using or wearing the item and will always involve lots of nudity, sex, and all the good stuff you like to see ;)

And there we are :D

Who Would've Thought It'd Be So Hard To Find People To Fuck?!?!?

So as it has been very simply stated in my last post here, as well as on my twitter, adultspace, chubby parade, fetlife and so many more places around the net... we're looking for people to play with while we're on vacation in Florida!

Unfortunately it's not working out as well as it has in previous years :( Most of the people that have contacted us seem to be really into it and then end up being flakes about it, and we're not even there yet!

I guess we've been spoiled here, we've never had a problem meeting new people or hooking up with friends. And the swingers clubs and parties here are a blast, we always get to know cool people and if there's a charge, it's always a fair price. My hubby started looking into any clubs or parties we could find down there and it either ends up being a dead end or it's just plain not worth it.

We found what seemed to be a great club with events three or four days every week, it looked clean and comfortable, much like Club Sesso here in Portland. The only problem was we couldn't find any info on fees or costs, so we emailed them and finally got a response... they want a membership fee of $100 AND charge $75 per person, per night!! Holy shit!! And no, they don't do any discounts for couples and nothing special for out of town visitors. Fuck that!

So anyway, we're still looking for some decent people to hook up with while we're there, only two weeks away!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Public Service Announcment! FLORIDA - Come Fuck Me!!

I know it's been forever since I've posted here, but I won't go into that now as I really don't have much time on here even now :(

BUT! I had to take a moment and post about our vacation to Florida! We're going to be down there for the last week of Oct/first week of Nov and we're looking for a gal(s) or perhaps a couple to play with ;)

I would actually love to make some real friends there as well since we visit once or twice a year for all the usual Universal/Disney/Seaworld kinda fun (we never miss Halloween Horror Nights!) and would like to have people to meet up and hang out with... but no strings fun is always good too! :D

Sooooooo... if you're interested and in or around the Kissimmee/Orlando area, feel free to shoot us a message at

You obviously know what I look like and I might be able to find a pic of my hubby for ya, but please include a pic of yourself/selves so we know you're serious :)