Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Christmas Isn't Quite Chrismas For Us...

So I've gotten a couple confused inquiries from some people asking why I don't celebrate Christmas. I assume this may stem from some tweet or comments you've read lately?

Ok, I do celebrate Christmas, I absolutely love this time of year! What you may have misunderstood me saying is that my hubby and I don't have our holiday now, we celebrate our official Xmas a month later and here's why...

Many years ago we were having some financial problems and Christmas was gonna be sparse (I know, I know, it's not about the material but hey, everyone likes gifts!) so we decided to wait and have our own personal holiday at the end of January to give us some time to get some extra cash and shop a little. It was fantastic! We had our own private Xmas eve and morning, complete with all the decorations, presents, food and fun!

So the next year we decided to make it a fun tradition... we still celebrate with friends and family now and then we'll have our own holiday weekend at the end of Jan! This is also awesome for a few other reasons... 1. Shopping for each other is soooooo much easier and we find things way cheaper once all the jacked up prices are dropped to super cheap! 2. Money isn't so tight after the real holiday so we can splurge a little more 3. Our Xmas coincides with Winter-Een-Mas (more on that in a later post if you're curious) and our gifts for each other usually match up perfect with the spirit of that holiday! And finally 4. We love the reaction we get when telling others! Either people don't get it or they love it and we now have some friends join us for our holidays :)

So we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and love that you wish us the same, but if you remember in a month then feel free to wish us a happy holiday again!


Oh, and of course that gives you another month to look over my wish list to the right if you're feeling generous, hehe.

And anyone that sends me a gift always gets a special little something in return ;)

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