Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back Soon...

Just wanted to take a moment to let you all know why I haven't been around for about a week now, nor will I be posting anything for a bit longer.

I've had a death in my family, my Grandfather, and haven't really been taking it too well. His funeral is tomorrow and then I'm going out of town for the weekend with a girlfriend, my hubby is going to be in San Diego for the big comi-con.

But keep those comments and messages rolling in and don't stop asking questions on I may get to some of those later today as they're already starting to pile up, but at the least there will be a ton of answers coming next week.

Big kisses to all :* XoXoXo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You may not remember me but I got sucked off by you once at the Taboo gloryhole, you also let me grope you and finger you for a bit before I left. Just wanted to say you're a really, really great dick sucker and wondered if you'd be going back there?

Well thank you! Unfortunately with just that description, no I don't remember you exactly. But thanks, I do love gloryholes and sucking dick so I hope I'm good at it! No complaints yet!

As for going back? Of course! When though? Don't know. It's rare we make plans to go, it's usually a spur of the moment thing after work or in the middle of the night. I am a creture of habit though and Taboo is my fav hole in town, so whatever day and time you found me there before may be a good place to start!

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What's the craziest fantasy you've ever had that you can'y or won't do in real life?

I've actually experienced most of the fantasties I've ever had, there's none that I won't do if given the chance.

So for one that I can't do, as it's just impossible unless my parents hid the truth from me, is to have a threesome with my hubby and my twin sister.

I've had this dream many times, and masturbated to the fantasy as well, where one of us is riding his cock, one is riding his face and we're making out and groping each others tits and bellies. Seems simple but it gets me wet just thinking about it.

I also haven't fucked a set of twins but want to and will someday :)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How many cocks can you handle at once?

LOL, fun question! I assume you mean in a gangbang situation?

Ok, we did a gangbang set of pics years ago (lost in a hard drive crash, I sooo wish I still had them) and one pic, my fav, featured me taking it from every guy there.

I was on my back with a guy under me fucking my ass, one fucking my pussy, I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand, then I had two guys fucking my tits, one on each side, and two guys fucking my belly, again one on each side.

So there's your answer... I can handle 9 cock at once! I could probably fit a couple more in somewhere but that's my current record :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

What kind of lucky guy managed to snag you?

I never really talk about him, so sure... he's a great guy and lucky indeed! But I always say that I'm just as lucky, probably more so in many ways.

He's what I would call a manly geek. He loves comics & video games, toys and statues, movies and cartoons and has the biggest assortment of t-shirts I've ever seen.

He wears shorts year-round and radiates heats, he always has a ton of energy and his sex drive almost matches mine!

He has two black belts, one 1st degree and one 3rd degree, in two different styles of martial arts and in one of them he is one of only 13 certified teachers in the US. He's a big Portland Trailblazers fan, through the good and the bad.

He's incredible with a camera and I think he should do something professional with his skill, but he's happy with it as a hobby.

He supports me in anything and everything I want to do. He's loving, stubborn, sexy, attentive, sweet, sarcastic, generous, exciting, rarely jealous, funny and so much more.

And did I mention how fucking great he is in bed? Mmmm yeah!

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Do you like to give or receive rimjobs? (ass licking)

I love having someone lick my ass, who wouldn't, it feels good. And I really love to give a guy a rimjob while stroking his cock, it always makes him explode in a massive orgasm :D

BUT, it's all about hygene, if you're not clean then it's not happening.

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Does it ever bother you that you're refered to as a slut or a slutwife?

Not at all! I'm a happily married woman AND I'm a kinky dirty slut... put it together and I'm a slutwife :)

Names and labels don't mean much to me - I am a BBW, I am a slut, I am fat, I am a geek, etc.

None of those words are bad things and It's sad that some people use terms as derogatory when they're really just words. I find it hot when someone calls me a slut ;)

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when was the last fuck you had that wasn't with your hubby?

Today is Monday, it was Sunday, yesterday... last night, if you count women, and yesterday afternoon if you only mean guys :)

Saturday night we had a bit of a drunken orgy with 5 others, one of the guys stuck around and made sure to fuck me again before he left. Then a gal pal of my hubby came over last night and we ended up fucking until he got home and joined.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

What's your favorite form of cuddling after sex?

Spooning... I really enjoy fucking in that position so that after a guy cums, we're already in a good place to relax and take in the moment.

I also really enjoy the feeling when the cock softens and plops out of me, allowing some cum to flow out of me and down between us.

The best thing about this is if we nap a bit after sex and I wake up in that same position with his cock hard again and poking around to get in me again! :D

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What's your favorite kind of foreplay?

I love making out while our hands explore each other... kiss me passionately while you finger my pussy and I'm yours ;)

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What was the longest you have sucked a dick?

Maybe an hour or so... I love to suck my hubby off while he's playing a video game, splitting his attention between me and the game makes him last a long time!

And the build up is incredible, when he finally does blow his load it's massive and powerful! I love it! :D

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How often do you fake an orgasm?

I don't... it does take a little effort for me to orgasm, but I usually cum fairly easily given the right mood and sensations. But if I don't, then it's not a big deal, I don't fake.

I feel when a woman does this, it teaches the wrong thing to guys. That if a woman doesn't orgasm then it wasn't good... that's not true AT ALL! It feels sooo good being stroked, fingered, licked and/or fucked and even if I don't cum that doesn't mean I didn't love every minute of it!

So girls... stop faking, and guys... get over a gals orgasm being an ego boost... everyone just do what you do and have fun!!

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