Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facebook Can Suck My Cock!

Or my 12" strap-on at least :p

It seems I'm just too much woman for Facebook, at some point last night they cancelled my account without warning or explanation. I'm not upset by this at all but I am a little surprised since I was pretty careful and never posted any kind of pics that would be a violation. Mostly just a lot of sexy headshots with plenty cleavage, nothing of me nude, sex related or even that revealling.

Anyway, it's not much of a loss to me as I didn't really want a page to start with. I got a lot of requests from friends and fans that wanted me to start up a profile, now I can say I tried and they didn't want me :p lol

So that's that :*

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whats the largest cock you ever hard fucked you? Was the guy black or white or other? Did you cum? What cock had you had the best orgasm with? Fakes cocks do not count for this question....

The largest in length was just over 11" with an average girth, The thickest was a huge almost 9" girth (that's 3" thick) and about 7" long. They're both white and of course I came! :)

Those two and many other bigger ones were all fun, but the cock that I've had the best orgasms with is pretty average size with a nice big head and the perfect shape to hit all the best spots :D

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What kind of sex toys do you own? How often do you use them?

Many, many different toys! We play with everything from tiny vibes, bullets & anal beads to strapons, rabbits & huge 14" long monster thick dildos :) I do have a couple favorites that I use almost daily...

A lipstick vibe that I can carry with me everywhere and use at work. You'd never know what it really was if you saw it in my purse or on my desk and it's very quiet and very powerful... gets me off in just minutes. Perfect for a quick run to the bathroom or sitting right at my desk to relieve a little stress ;)

For home, I have a Rabbit that I LOVE and use both alone and with others, it's so incredible I can orgasm multiple times easy!

Overall I probably masturbate a couple times a day and more on weekends, just depends on my mood :)

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)