Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sexy Storytime - A Perfect Start To The Morning

A rare morning that our usual sex wasn't an option, I decided to have some quick fun.

I had to hurry... my hubby had to be up and on the way out in twenty minutes. He was still sleeping and I already shut off the alarm. I pulled my hair up and twisted it a couple times before tying it back, not wanting my hair to tickle him.

Of course I stepped on just the wrong spot of the floor, the same spot I always seem to step on when doing this, and I froze as a creak came from the floor. He was still sound asleep though... I snuck back over to the bed and very slowly, very carefully pulled the blankets off of him. I'm a blanket hog and he's fine with no covers at all so he didn't even stir. I looked at him for a few moments, staring at his cock first, eventually tearing my eyes away to trace the lines of his chest, his tummy, around to his legs. I shivered a moment... mmmm, he's perfect.

I tried to find a good position as I didn't want to wake him just yet, this was way too fun. No time for foreplay though, gotta do this quick or he'd wake up too early. I took him into my hand, limp and soft but it felt so good. I quickly lowered my mouth down onto it and started circling my tongue around the head, gently sucking on it.

My suction action was already having an effect, his cock growing larger in my mouth. I felt him start to stir and he made a cute little noise. After a bit of gentle sucking and playing his light snoring had stopped, but I didn't know he was awake yet until I felt his hand on my head. I smile as best I can and start sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, stroking him as my head moves.

I know what he likes. Quick little techniques. My tongue, flat so he can feel all of it against him, pressing him towards the top of my mouth as I suck hard, making my mouth feel very tight. Taking my lips to the very tip so I can play with the head and lap around and in the tiny hole. He likes it. I like it. He's so hard and so smooth and soft.

I hope he cums soon, but I know he's holding back, I can feel him getting really tense, holding his legs really tight together. I know he's trying not to cum, to make it last. I slowed down for a few moments, glancing at the clock. We don't really have time to hold back so I speed up my efforts, putting more passion into it, wanting him to cum in my mouth. I feel him tense really hard and his legs move around randomly, his hands are in my hair, holding my head really tightly, hurting me a little bit. I love it. He starts making soft noises deep in his throat and his cock begins to twitch in my mouth. It even seems to get a little bigger and harder, he's close, really close.

I pull most of him out of my mouth and continue stroking him with my hand, sucking hard and moving the tip of my tongue against the head of his cock. Then suddenly and powerfully he cums in my mouth. The first spurt always startles me as I feel it jet against my tongue amd shoot down my throat. It's salty and thick, but it always tastes so good. His hips lift up off the bed while he's cumming, his body shaking a bit and his hands holding my head firmly. A few more strong jets and it starts to calm down, leaving with a softening, twitching cock to clean up.

I happily lick it and kiss it until he pulls me up and kisses me, his lips pressed hard against mine. He pulls away and says, "I love you." I say it back and then it's time for him to get ready to go meet some friends, only ten minutes before he needs to leave so he's quick to dress and then he's gone.

I'm left alone, horny and happy. He'll gladly take care of me later, but this was all about him. My hubby's going to have a good day and I know I gave him a great start. I laugh, feeling good about myself so I hop in the shower and have some fun with myself... but that's another story ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I saw you liked gloryholes do you just suck on dicks or do you let guys fuck you to?

Yes, I love them and absolutely I let people fuck me, both through the hole and sometimes I'll let someone in with me.

I once tried a booth with two holes but it was a little too wide (or more likely I'm just too short :p) and I couldn't get the cock in my pussy and still reach the one to suck so I just had to jack him off.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How many times a day do you masturbate? How & where?

Most weekdays I'll masturbate an average of twice a day. At least once or twice at work (in the bathroom or sitting at my desk) and then sometimes at home, if either my hubby is out or I just want to get myself going for sex.

Weekends I get myself off more often, randomly during the day or night whenever I feel the urge.

Last Saturday I was working in my garden and suddenly got so horny that I pulled my pants off and fucked myself with the handle of one of my hand tools. Then I just slid back into my pants and went right back to work :)

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Are you really bisexual or are you one of those that just take pictures with other women or pretend you've been with them?

I am absolutely bisexual and love being with all kinds of women - almost as much as men! I don't just pose or pretend... I enjoy going down on women, sucking, licking, fingering, fisting, eating creampies, using strapons... any and all of it!

In fact I've been with two women just in the past week! One a long time fuck buddy and the other a great new friend I think we'll be having lots more fun with in the future :D

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im dateing a plusized girl i <3 alot,iv tried 2convince her shes beautifull & that i Actually PREFUR bigirls bt shes still very garded &sensitive about her size &dont want her2 think im teasing her how do i Convince her its ok 2 B who she is &I <3 her 4it

Just be patient with her, keep with it but don't overwhelm her and don't try to convince her as that usually comes out sounding fake even though you mean well. Also, it's just as much what you do, not just what you say, that'll show her how beautiful she is.

Unfortunately even in this more enlightened time, a bigger gal grows up with society pounding it in her mind that she has to be skinny and perfect to be beautiful.

It took me finding my hubby to realize that, even with all my faults and blemishes, I am quite lovely and know that others can see that too. Most importantly, I have come to love my body and that's what really counts.

If you're able to share porn with her, take her to a forum like Chubby Parade and show her the many galleries of other gals and all the supportive and lustful comments they get.

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