Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good Things In Life!

Ok, so I've told you all the crappy things in life right now, but what about the good stuff? Well, for the last couple months my life has been shit in almost every way but the sex lately has been just... WOW!!! As I stated in a previous post, I've been getting back into the wild life.

I've been having some great times at a couple of the local gloryholes, just last week I sucked off about a dozen guys and had one beautiful cock double fuck me with my hubby :) This is one of the biggest things I'm gonna miss about Oregon.

We've been to Club Sesso a few times in the last couple months, very cool place and we've met some really nice & sexy people. The only downside to the club is the curse of any swinger club... the same people at every party. Even after just a few times there, we'd already met (and played around with) many of the ppl. Still a lot of fun and we're thinking of going to the Couples Only party on Oct 3rd and the Twisted party on the 8th (Ron Jeremy is actually gonna be there!)

I've had some truly amazing sex lately (in some extraordinary places) and will be sitting down ASAP to type out some "Sexy Storytime" posts for ya. I'm also gonna take some time to post some new pics of my naughty parts, cause really that's all you're really here for ;)

Stay tuned! :*

Monday, September 21, 2009

My So Called Life...

Has it really been almost 2 whole months since my last post???? Holy fuck, time flies when life is shitty and stressful :(

I haven't really had a chance to get online at all... haven't been on twitter, myspace, chubby parade or anywhere else in forever. I hate that we decided to hold off on my website until we moved to FL, it's still the right decision but I miss doing the photo sets, cam shows, chatting with friends & fans and everything else I've had to put on hold to get life in order.

We were supposed to have moved at the end of Aug and had to delay it until the end of this month... now we've been told that it may be Nov before the house even closes. Unfortunately the longer it takes the more we feel we're being taken advantage by the parties involved, including our agent! She hasn't done a single thing for us since we found the house, not even bothering to give us updates on what's happening and when we do finally get in touch with her it feels like everything she tells us is just to string us along.

So the question we keep asking is "Do any of them even deserve our money?" The decision we're now trying to make is if we just hang on or back out and go looking for another house? Right now, we're looking into going back down to FL for another week of house hunting and feeling pretty good about it. And of course the big plus to it is that we won't miss Halloween Horror Nights! Just the same, whatever we decide we won't be moving until at least Nov :(

On top of that I'm absolutely hating my job right now... it seems that ever since I made it clear that I won't be there much longer (I hope), many of the people and even some so call friends have decided to either ignore me most of the time or just make my job miserable.

I finally told my family that I'd be moving and only very few of them took it well... most all of my family has always lived right here and it's rare that anyone ever escapes, they're all such drama queens and guilt mongers about it too. And now, to make this worse, both my grandfather and grandmother have found they've got kidney problems and neither may live more than a few months so the guilt of leaving is just that much worse.

Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh, I feel like I'm pulled apart in every direction!

The one saving grace is my husband... his love and support, along with our absolutely incredible sex life, is the one thing keeping me sane! But more on that in my next post, I just don't want to ruin it by including it in a bitching post like this.

And so, if you're still reading this, thanks for letting me vent and look for a much more fun post, some great stories and maybe a few new pics soon!

:* KISSES! :*