Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween To All!!

Just a quick post right now as I'm still enjoying a fantastic vacation in FL... it's gonna hit about 90 degrees here again today!!

But I just wanted to take a minute to wish all my readers a very Happy Halloween! So stay safe, be very sexy and enjoy this awesome holiday!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our First Night In Orlando!

So I'm in beautiful, sunny Florida now! It's been absolutely fantastic so far and I thought I'd take a moment to write about my first couple days/nights.

Let me just say that it's now about 5 am, Friday morn and I'm sitting at the desk in my hotel room with cum dripping from my pussy & ass, the taste of it still in my mouth and a good bit of it drying on various spots on my body... but I'll get to that later ;) heh

We left Portland Wed late night on a long flight (13 hours) stopping first in Seattle, then to Wash DC and finally down here to FL. On the Seattle/DC flight we met this great couple, we'll call them Jack and Jill, who happened to be going to HHN, Universal, etc too. We'd hit it off really well, no wait, I should say that my hubby hit it off really well with the Jill first, it wasn't until later that night that I found something I really liked about Jack. Anyway, we decided to hang out for the rest of the flight and get together for HHN that night.

We split off at the Orlando airport, got our car, had some lunch and checked into our room. We called them to let us know where we were and we agreed to meet at HHN and figure it all out from there. My hubby and I then decided we needed a nap (with some sex first... and then again after, heheh) then went out for the night.

HHN was awesome, a lot of fun! Some very cool haunts this year and it was great to have some friends to share it with! We'd assumed our new friends weren't into 'play' as we'd casually told them earlier in a conversation that we were swingers, they didn't say anything about themselves and there really wasn't much more than some flirting between Jill and my hubby, but that was alright as we were still having a wonderful time with them!

Then, fast forward a bit, HHN ended and we went back to our room to hang out after. I needed another shower pretty bad so when Jill went out to get us some drinks, I left Jack and my hubby talking video games to clean up. About 5 minutes in I heard the bathroom door open and felt someone slip in behind me. "Just what do you think you're doing, did you just leave them out there alone?" I said thinking it was my hubby. "I just though I'd come in and wash your back" I heard Jack's deep voice say.

I was startled for a moment but once I turned around and saw him, I relaxed instantly and smiled at the prospect of him washing my back, other things as well. He was a bigger guy but I found he was very firm and muscular. And his cock was just beautiful, my god it was a work of art! He was obviously a tit man as it wasn't until I turned around and he started looking me over that his long limp hanging dick grew hard and thick and even longer.

I stepped up to him so that my tits pressed against him, his cock poking my belly and he leaned down to kiss me. We soaped each other up, of course spending some extra time cleaning, stroking and fingering certain 'very dirty' spots.

We eventually got out and dried each other off, finally going out to find Jill and my hubby already naked and in a 69 position. They both saw us and smiled, then went back to their fun so Jack and I went to the other bed and dove right in. Our foreplay done in the shower, he shoved his cock right into my dripping wet hole. I gasped loudly when he entered me and I believe this was when they started fucking in the bed next to us.

It seemed like we mirrored each other for the next hour or so as whenever I found the mind (meaning that I wasn't lost in ecstasy) to glance over to them, we were all in the same position. I also remember her being very loud, which I know pleased my hubby, and that we all came at pretty much the same time. We all must have collapsed and fallen asleep after that, we were all exhausted after such a long day.

I awoke late the next morning feeling Jack's soft cock still between my legs, likely where it plopped out after he came in me. Looking over I saw Jill sucking on my hubby and I figured Jack would like waking up the same way... he did :) After awhile I heard Jill say something about fucking her ass (I was told later that she had a tight little asshole and loved anal). I thought about enjoying the same but it seemed that Jack wanted nothing more than my mouth as he pressed my head down on his huge dick.

He came (a lot!) a few minutes later and then we spent awhile feeling and rubbing on each other as we made out, until I heard my hubby grunt and Jill squeal! We all got dressed and talked for a bit before saying goodbye. We'll be getting together again in a couple days, I really want to get some time to play with Jill myself next time ;)

Whew, ok... so this ran on longer than I thought it would, I'll have to make my next post about what fun last night was (re: the 2nd paragraph above) when I met and hung out with a group of fans at HHN!

Promise I'll get back here very soon! Bye for now! :*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando!

Ok, so I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be at Universal Orlando's HHN next week! We'll be there on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 28th & 29th! There's a small chance I might also go on Fri and/or Sat, Oct 30th & 31st, but I've been invited to some parties those nights so it's unlikely.

Anyway, if anyone else will be there those nights, be sure to let me know. In the past years I've done a 'Meet & Greet' kinda thing with fans but this year we're gonna be more casual, just hang out, have some chills & thrills.

Of course I guess the same offers can apply as in the previous years... if ya wanna buy me an HHN t-shirt then I'll let you help me put it on ;) Buy me a couple drinks and who knows what I'll do! heh ;D

Hope to see ya there!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Sex Life In A Little More Detail!

So I often get emails and messages that usually start out with the 'I love hearing about your experiences' and the like, but many of them also ask what my sex life is like in between those super fun times. So for all you wondering (and those that weren't :p), here's a rundown on my normal everyday sex life...

In a usual week I have sex with my hubby at least a couple times a day... we almost never miss a good morning fuck and after work or before bed is a must. I'm also a big fan of lunchtime quickies and of course you have to add in the random horny times! So I would put my wedded bliss count at around 15-25 times in an average week... not bad considering we've been together almost 10 years and married for almost 3 yrs! :D

I should also say that I love oral and blowjobs are a fairly common thing in my house, I drop to my knees quite often. Whether we're just watching tv, cooking dinner, getting ready for work, carrying in groceries, playing video games or any other everyday activity. I honestly don't think I could could how many bjs I give in an average week!

We have a fairly solid rule that we don't do anything without each other with a few exceptions. I have a boyfriend and my hubby has a girlfriend, both of which we have agreed we could fuck without restrictions. The same goes for some of our friends (2 of his friends can pretty much have me whenever, wherever and 3 of my friends can have him the same way). Otherwise, most of the parties, dances and other such events involve the two of us together, even if one of us isn't directly involved.

And before anyone asks, this is a rule that was requested by me and has only been in effect for about a year. I came to a point where I started feeling less into it if my hubby wasn't there with me... whether he was in a pile of ppl with me, watching or even just in the same house and off fucking some other lucky gal.

Ok, so back to my average, everyday sex life... I would say I have sex with a 'fuck buddy' (for lack of a better term) at least a few times a week, sometimes more. Then add in some random swinger parties & clubs, gangbangs, and trips to the gloryholes every month and I have a pretty fan-fucking-tastic sex life! :)

Needless to say that I LOVE sex and it's a huge part of my life. I've been opened up to so many new and exciting experiences in the last 10 years, I count myself so incredibly lucky and that's one of the resons I enjoy sharing it all with you. Hope you enjoy it too!

:* KISSES! :*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Big Happy Birthday To My Sweet Man!

I just wanted to wish my wonderful hubby a great birthday today! Love you sooooooo much! :*