Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting To Know Me...

It's been a busy couple weeks and I haven't been online much. But since I have a bit of extra time before I leave for work this morning, I thought I'd take a few minutes and tell you a little more about me... no, not my favorite color or what I was like when I was 4 years old... the good stuff! So here's all about me and the how, when, where, who and why of fucking!!


Let's start with why, that's an easy one... because it feels fucking incredible! I love cock, I love pussy, I love tits and asses and nipples and fingers and toes and assholes and tongues and lips and everything else! But what I love most of all is how it feels when all those body parts come together in so many different ways! That's why I fuck :D


So... how do I fuck... every which way I can! LOL! Ok, this one may be a long one as 'how' means a lot of different things.

I'm into doing and trying just about anything, except scatplay and the really hard stuff. I like some bondage and I enjoy getting rough sometimes, but my personal preference is that if it leaves a mark or draws blood then I don't really wanna do it. I don't mind playing the dominatrix and can humiliate and degrade, spank, slap, spit and shame with the best, if that's what you're into!

My favorite positions are probably reverse cowgirl - it allows me to ride at my speed while the guy plays with my ass and for some reason guys seem to really love my tits sliding and bouncing on their legs, and of course doggy - it's probably the best position for the deepest, hardest penetration and I love how my tits and belly hang and swing.

I'm the type that wants it in all my holes, I love sucking cock and enjoy anal. I'm also a cum slut and, as long as it's safe in terms of disease and such, I always want the cum inside me! It's fun when a guy want to cum on my tits or belly or face, etc, but the feeling of the cum hitting the walls of my pussy or ass, or shooting down my throat is just the best feeling for me!

I have a few fetishes I'm especially into... exhibitionism - I love showing off & flashing my body and sex in public is so erotic and exciting, gloryholes - there's just something so kinky about sucking and fucking anonymous cock, pussy pumping - vacuum pumping my pussy lips makes it look incredible, feel awesome and guys tell me it's even tighter than normal! Of course that's just a few things I'm into, it would take a much larger blog to list everything!

Finally, group sex... personally I like threesomes and foursomes best. I've been in some great orgies, pulled a couple trains and been the focus of some gangbangs but smaller group play is just more fun as you can feel more connected and comfortable with all involved. That's not to say I don't enjoy just bending over a pool table and letting guy after guy after guy just fuck the shit out of me, fill me with cum and then step aside for the next guy... sometimes that's all I need ;)


Short answer... I love morning sex best! BUT I'm also deleriously happy fucking any of the other 23 hours a day, 7 days a week :D


Another fairly short answer here... I'll do it just about anywhere. From a simple bed to my parents kitchen counter to an airplane bathroom or even in a coffin! Craziest place ever? In the middle of a clothing rack during open hours of a local Fred Meyer dept store!

And that's just fucking... there's also blowjobs in parking lots and theme park rides, handjobs on airplanes and in checkout lines, pussy fingering in restaurants and traffic jams, etc, etc, etc.


And finally who! Well, sure, let's start with my first... it was with my then boyfriend in the shower of my parents house. It was not enjoyable at all, in any way... sad to say my first sexual relationship was not good at all, I learned to quickly fake orgasms. If my sexual being was based on him and another after, you wouldn't be reading this and I'm sure I'd be one of those women who only has 'intercourse' for procreation purposes!

Thank God I met my hubby!! He made sex good... not just good, but AMAZING! He also opened me up to so many new and kinky things and, above all, made me feel so sexy and so good about myself. Without him, you would have never seen me naked, read about my sexy exploits or had a chance to fuck me... so everyone needs to bow down and thank him! ;)

So on to who I'm fucking right now -
  • I have a steady fuck buddy, Jason, he's as close to a boyfriend as you can get when you're married, lol.
  • My hubby has two girlfriends (lucky guy, I know), Summer & Emily, and of course they play with me as well :D
  • We have a couple, Jim and Pamela (we tease them and call them our Office couple), that likes to come down from Seattle once or twice a month to go out with us and they always stay a night or two with us.
  • My hubby also currently shares me with a couple of his friends, whom I can't name as they're both married.
  • We've recently met a new friend (who you sorta saw in the pics posted a few weeks back), I can't name her as well due to her job. We've only had a chance to hook up with her a couple times now but we're hoping for more soon, especially since she has a new guy that wants to meet us, he's bi and into swinging too.
  • Then there's always an occasional stranger or fan that we'll bring home for some fun.
  • Oh, and of course my hubby, whom I fuck at least a couple times a day.

So there ya go... more fun info about yours truly! Now don't you just love getting to know someone better! ;D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missed Connection...

That's what they call on Craigslist right? Where people post stuff like 'I saw you on the bus. You in a blue scarf - me holding a book of poetry - our eyes met and it was true love. I was about to say something but then your stop came and you ran off the bus in a panic'... or something like that right? lol

Anyway, today I'm gonna use my blog as a missed connection ad. Why? It'll become clear. Here goes.


Last night I ordered a pizza, 6/16, 10pm. You came to my door in a Pizza Hut cap and jacket - I wore only a very tight yellow smurfs shirt with no bra (quite chilly last night as you could clearly tell) and a pair of red panties. You gave me a pizza, I gave you a good look at my ass when I put it down and grabbed my credit card. We talked PS3, your bedroom, and you mentioned your EX-wife as you stared at me for many long minutes.

I strongly felt as if you knew who I was but you were either too shy or maybe couldn't quite place me at the moment, not just the Val that ordered a pizza... but Voluptuous Val, the BBW slutwife. I liked you, it was very apparent you liked me, I'd be happy to fuck the life outta you. I was going to invite you in but then you took off before I could. So now you have my name, number and address... if you see this, leave me a comment here and come let me give you the 'tip' you deserve for a very tasty pizza ;)


Ok, so what do ya think? Does it get my message across? Here's hoping :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you like pussy and dick freshly washed or do you like them smelling a bit pungent/raunchy or both?

I love the taste, smell and smooth feel of a freshly cleaned cock/pussy but I actually really enjoy the natural scent of most people.

There have been a couple guys that I couldn't deal with, I would play for a bit and then mention that I do the really nasty stuff in the shower and they're more than happy to jump in there with me... problem solved ;)

Ask me anything at all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Awesome Art - Spotlight on Pockubus!

My hubby is a huge fan of erotic art & artists and he's introduced me to some amazing stuff. I thought it'd be nice to focus some posts here on our favorites :)

First up - known to most as Pockubus, her name is Ashley... this talented artist is a somewhat shy tranny gal that we've had the luck to meet and chat with a lot online recently. She actually lives not too far from us so we're all really looking forward to meeting up and hanging out soon!

She's a huge geek, just like us, and we've had so much fun getting to know her... I'm thinking we'll have even more fun when she comes down for a visit ;)

This was the first one I ever saw and the one that my hubby fell in love with - Bowl of Udon

She draws some incredible chubby chicks, I cannot wait for her to draw me, I know it's gonna look amazing!

Though many of her pics feature girls with a bit too much muscle for my tastes, this one of Sailor Moon as Thor is the exception, she looks awesome all buffed up!

And of course she draws some amazing Futa and Tranny art!

And this last one is one of our favs, it's so crazy and silly even if you're not into the content you just gotta love it! It works in BBW, Futa, Nuns, Furry and maybe a couple other 'fetishes'... Awesome!

So these are just some samples of her art, if you wanna check out more follow these links to a couple of her galleries -
Ashley is one of the coolest gals I know, and I don't even fully know her yet! Feel free to post comments and, if you check out more of her stuff, let her know you found her here :)

Do youu prefer having a full bush, trimmed, or shaved or all three?

Depends on my mood really. I love the feeling of being fully shaved and completely smooth, but it's a lot of upkeep to have it that way all the time and unfortunately I don't always have time for that.

Most of the time I'd have to say I keep it nicely trimmed.

I also have guys that want me to have a full bush (like I do right now) and so I'll let it grow out every now and them to make them happy :)

Ask me anything at all!

If you were granted the ability to be a man for a day, would you? If so, what's the first thing you would do? (My wife says she'd make me give her a blow job - not sure how to feel about that!)

LOL... yeah, I'd make you give me a blowjob too, if it's ok with your wife that it ;)

Seriously though, I'd probably be the biggest man-slut ever, sticking my cock into any hole I could find, male or female. I think it's the same with everyone, we always wonder what it feels like for the other person and it'd be cool to find out!

Ask me anything at all!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few New Pics! Really!!

No way! YES WAY! It's been forever since I've posted some new pics here, and these are even more special for readers on my blog as they've never been posted anywhere else or seen by anyone else... tell your friends! hehe :D

Just a few pics of me having some fun with an exciting new friend not too long ago...

Hope ya liked em! Be sure to tell me what you think, k'?