Friday, July 31, 2009

Sexy Storytime - Heat Wave!

It was early afternoon a couple days ago when I arrived at home, we were in the middle of a major heat wave and it was already over 100 degrees and rising. Unfortunately we have no A/C and my hubby was home that day sweltering in the unbearable heat. I was planning on us going out for a quick lunch in a nice, cool place but then he answered the door even before I touched the knob. He stood in the doorway wearing only a pair of boxers and a very sexy smile.

I stepped in, dropped my keys on the table, walked up to him and sweetly kissed the corner of his mouth. I lightly ran my tongue along his bottom lip before he took my breath away with a deep, sensual kiss. We separated for a few brief moments and I relished in the way his kiss tasted of mint and I inhaled his intoxicating scent of manly sweat. When our lips met for a second time it was filled with a sudden need and wanting for more. As our bodies pressed closer together I could already feel his engorged cock pressing against my hip. The lunch had already been forgotten and I was quickly aroused, but the feel of his cock sent me spiraling even deeper.

We pulled apart and he looked in my eyes, I could see the animal in him struggling to get out. He flipped my hair away from my neck before his lips connected, his teeth nibbled at my shoulder and up the side of my neck. My knees went weak and I couldn't stand it anymore. I pulled him up to the bedroom and quickly pulled off his shorts, then knelt in front of him and ran my hands up his legs and thighs careful not to touch his swollen cock just yet. I watched his gorgeous cock bounce with excitement an inch in front of my face. My hands continued around to grasp his ass and, as I did this, my mouth opened and my tongue flicked out to lick his engorged head.

With a deep intake of breath, I placed my wide open mouth over the head of his cock. He sat back onto the bed as I gently began to suck him, my tongue swirled and flicked over the head of his cock and down the shaft as I continued. I stroked his cock with my lips repeatedly, quickly then slowly then faster again, always exploring more of him with my tongue. His breath was coming in short gasps and his moans became deep and loud. I knew he was close to exploding in my mouth so I gave one last lick and with a slight popping sound freed his cock from my mouth.

I stood between his legs as I began to remove my clothes, almost peeling them off my already sweat soaked skin. It was so erotic with him just watching every movement I made, I ached for him to touch me all over but he just watched with anticipation. I pulled off my blouse and wiggled out of my skirt first, then slowly removed my bra, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as I did. Finally I turned and bent over, removing my panties from my ample ass. I stayed there a few seconds, grabbing my cheeks and spreading them wide, giving him an excellent view of my plump pussy and tiny asshole. When I turned back and stood in front of him, he quickly sat up and took my breast into his mouth, sucking and licking at one nipple then the other, sending tiny orgasmic shocks straight to my core.

His hands encircled both my breasts, he squeezed and kneaded them as his mouth worshiped my nipples into stiff peaks. My hands were roaming across his hot, sweaty shoulders, down his back then back up to the nape of his neck. I grasped his hair, roughly tilted his head back and kissed him fiercely. His hands left my breasts and found the wetness of my cunt. His fingers glided over my slit as his thumb found my clit, I jumped as if a jolt of electricity went through me.

He stood, his fingers still exploring my pussy, and turned to sit me on the bed. I laid back on the bed as he lifted my legs and hips up off the bed to his shoulders. In an instant his lips were roaming my pussy and his tongue was lapping at the juices flowing from within my thick folds. His teeth gently and playfully scraped the hood of my clit and he began sucking on it after a slight nibble, I absolutely love this as it makes me feel like I have a tiny cock and somewhat know how wonderful guys feel when I'm down there sucking them. After a bit he started to drive his tongue in and out of my slit, then up across my clit, then back into my sopping wet hole. I couldn't control myself any longer, I moaned and thrashed as my orgasm hit strong and lasted long.

My hot cum squirt right into his willing mouth and flowed over his tongue as he lapped furiously to take it all. Finally he stood up and leaned over to kiss me with my juices still wet on his chin and lips, which I licked happily and kissed him deeper still. As our tongues danced he plunged his cock deep into my still spasming pussy. I broke the kiss as I gasped at the sheer pleasure each thrust was giving me, his cock driving in and out of my slick pussy with ease. Our bodies, now drenched in sweat from the overwhelming heat, slapped and slid together with each push. After what seemed like hours of pure ecstasy he looked into my eyes and I could tell he was close to his own orgasm.

I arched my body to meet his thrusts, begging him for more! He knew exactly what I wanted and slammed his cock in deeper and harder as his fingers pinched and squeezed my clit. I exploded in a senses shattering orgasm, thrashing my head back and forth in ecstasy and drenching him in my sweet cum. I then felt him reach his climax and pull from my pussy. Hot, sticky cum shot from the head of his cock and landed on my lips and chin, covering my tits and belly and finally dripping all over my smooth pussy. I quickly sat up and lapped at the head of his cock, sucking the last drops of delicious cum from him.

But he wasn't quite done yet, when I had finished tongue lashing his spent cock, he gave my now overly sensitive pussy a tongue bath, cleaning my slit of our mix of cum and making me climax one last time, quick and hard.

I'll tell ya, heat wave sex may not be pretty but it sure is intense and some of the best sex you’ll ever have!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back To A More Fun Life!

Ok, quick life update - we're pretty much guaranteed the house is ours but we're still waiting for the final approval process to go through. We had planned to move at the end of August, which could possibly still happen, but as of now it may be a month or two more before we can even move forward :( Fucking stupid seller messing everything up.

Anyway, the last few months have been a pain in my ass and have really cut into my relaxed & sexy lifestyle. So I've decided since there's nothing more I can do but some light packing and a lot of waiting... it's time to have some fun.

We just took a tour of Portland's new swingers club, Club Sesso. It's very cool, looks great and we've decided to join. We're only doing a 3 month membership (as I hope we'll be moving in that time) but that's still a whole lot of Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays of sexy, nasty, kinky fun!!

I'm also hoping we'll be able to go to a very fun sounding 'Naughty Karaoke' tonight! If you think just normal karaoke in front of a bunch of friends & strangers is tough, imagine singing naked! Mmmmm, a duet could be REALLY fun! ;)

We're going to get back into the NightshiftNW dances too, there's one on Aug 8th but I don't know the theme. The last one we attended was way back in March - Short Skirts, High Heels, NO Panties - and that was great, we met a few awesome new friends there.

So you can see I'm just gonna get back to life as I know it for now and deal with the new house, moving, etc as it happens.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh God, Oh God... Oh Yeah!

Yeah, life's been hell lately... pretty much just a rough roller coaster ride of ups and downs and loopdeloops. Worst of all, I've had little to no time online in forever!

I figured it was time to post a few pics. Nothing too exciting and unfortunately they don't show much of me, but they are fun!

So I was getting ready to go out one night and started taking some shots of myself, that alone was enough to turn me on so I started playing around with new thrusting vibe. With it slamming into me, one hand hitting the camera button every few seconds and my other either working on my clit or tits... well, you can see the rest on my face ;) I snapped about 70 pics in the few minutes it took me to cum but sadly very few came out looking decent (can't blame me though, I was otherwise occupied, heheh)

I'm hoping to take some fun new sets soon, even if for no other reason than I need some more sexy in my world right now. Enjoy these for now!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cum where???

So a group of us were discussing cumshots the other day and this is what came from it.

Has a guy ever ejaculated...

In your mouth? Yes

Down your throat? Yes, never even tasted it!

On your face? Yes, all the time

In your eye? No, I hear that's not good for it

In your hair? Yes, I knew a guy with a major hair fetish

In your ear? No, don't think it'll happen

On your neck? Yes, I've been given plenty of pearl necklaces!

On your chest? Yes, of course! Who wouldn't wanna cum on these tits?

Into your hand? Yes, usually followed by a yummy drinking of it

On your stomach? Yes, guys love my belly!

In your belly button? Yes actually, I know someone that loves to fuck it

On your back? Yes

On your ass? Yes

On your legs? Yes

On your feet? Yes

If you have one, on your tattoo? Not yet, getting my first tattoo this year, can't wait!

On your pussy? Yes

In your pussy? Yes, of course... personally my fav place for cum!

In your ass? Yes, maybe my second fav place!

So there ya go, just in case you were ever curious :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Updates on Everything Me...

Hey there everyone, it's been awhile, about 2 weeks I think. I hope ya missed me a bit!! My life has gone a bit topsy turvy lately, though I think everything will eventually turn back our way and hopefully get back to normal soon too.

We still have the house, yes indeed! But it seems the seller has been found to be committing a type of fraud, trying to sell the house to more than one party. She's being investigated (as well as her realtor) and that's all I'll say on that.

What this means for us? A big headache, but hopefully nothing more than that. We're pretty sure the sale is still going through just fine, though it was in limbo for a short time, which scared the shit out of us, lol. It was in preforeclosure before so it's now been taken over by the banks. Our offer was in first, all the right paperwork filed and approved by the bank before any of this happened so now it just has to go through a quick (I hope) approval process again and we're back to where we were before :D

Anyway, I hope to be online a bit more often and throw some more fun blog posts your way before the big move... as I'll be offline for a pretty long while during the move all the way ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Hehehe, I'm really excited, can you tell?

But once we're down there and settled in, here's what I'm planning... FINALLY getting my site up and running, many, many, many more pic sets, videos, cam shows, panties and other personal items and much much more!!

Don't worry though, there'll be a lot more blogging! As I promised before, this is the spot to always come for regular updates, previews, and all the fun stuff that just doesn't fit on my site!

So until next time...

:* MWAH! A big kiss for all the faithful!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My New House!!

Ok, so forgive me if I gush in this post (no, not that kind of gushing... though I can do that too so ya never know when it might come up on here later) but I JUST GOT THE HOUSE!

The house I'm speaking of is, as most readers of my blog will know, the one we found when house hunting in Florida about a month ago. We expected a longer wait for a final word but just yesterday we got the word that it's ours if we want it!! The bank countered our offer so it's a little more than we wanted to spend but still an absolutely incredible deal!

When built the value of the house was $249,000 (yup, not a typo) and though we'll have to get a new appraisal we've been told it has increased in value. Now I'm not going to say here what we're paying, but it's not even near that number

So a little about the house... it's only 4 years old, about 1800 sq feet (2300 sq ft with garage, about 11000 sq feet full lot size), full tile flooring (NO carpet, yay!) 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, HUGE kitchen, HUGE living room, sun/family room, laundry room and a 2 car garage!

It includes a full central air and heat, washer & dryer, oven, range hood and dishwasher (all just a few years old). No fridge but that's ok cause we have our eye on a real beauty we promised to buy when we got a house.

The kitchen really is huge with tons of counter space, many cupboards, a pantry and a bunch of outlets. The outside is a bar style that just needs some cool stools.

The master bath has a two sink counter, big mirror, a giant garden bath (fits 3 or 4 ppl) and seperate glass box shower (also fits 3-4 ppl)!

So a few things we plan on doing - the master bedroom and walk in closet had carpet that's been pulled out so were going to install some very cool bamboo flooring, we're not too fond of the colors in the various rooms so there'll be some repainting and of course plenty of yardwork including reseeding the lawn, putting up a fence and planting some palm, orange and lemon trees.

The pics below are just some of the shots we took when touring it, it needs some clean up and maybe a little work here and there but it's basically a brand new house! Again, sorry for gushing but thanks for allowing me to share a little of my life with you!