Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sexy Storytime - Fucking Incredible Sex!

I crawled on top of his rigid cock, making sure to slowly squeeze my dripping wet pussy all the way down to the base of his shaft. He moaned as he grabbed my large ass, squeezing it roughly as he pumped up into me, I could feel my juices dripping down, making each smack louder with every thrust. He slapped my ass and reached down to play with my erect clit, rapidly stroking it with one hand while gasping my fat thigh with the other and thrusting his cock up into me. I leaned forward to grab his shoulders as a loud moan escaped me, a signal that I was close to an orgasm.

I begged him to stop so I wouldn't cum so soon but he was determined to get me off before he did. He pushed me back up onto my knees, my tits bouncing as he methodically pumped into my pussy and rubbed my clit simultaneously, forcing my orgasm to get closer and closer. I so wanted to hold it back for just a little longer, I even tried to push his hand away from my cunt, but he just swatted my hand back and pinched my clit between two fingers a little harder.

My moans got louder and just when I was about to cum, he suddenly stopped and pulled me back down to him. I kissed him and begin to slowly move my body up and down on his dick, looking for a good rythem to prolong the fun. For a few moments he kissed me back, caressing and grabbing my soft, curvy body.

Then just as suddenly, he pushed me back up again, thrusting even harder and faster up into my hot, plump pussy. Moaning and screaming now, I encouraged him and played with my own clit. He grabbed my nipples, pinching them as they stretched out from my insanely bouncing breasts and soon I began to cum.

I came, loud and hard forcing his dick as deep as possible into my pussy as my orgasm let loose a flood, drenching us. He pulled me back down to him, satisfied that he made me cum so fantastically. I kissed him deeply and wrapped my arms around him as the last few waves of pleasure made my body ripple and quiver. I finally got off of him and laid down on my back, expecting him to fuck me and cum in me. He had other ideas though as he spread my legs and slowly began to lick my dripping wet pussy. My back arched as I pulled his head in closer to my sloppy wet box and it wasn't long before I was already close to my second orgasm.

He kissed and licked all the way up my body and while we kissed he pushed his dick into me, back into my aching pussy. I grabbed his arms and began to move my body in time with his thrusting and after only a few more long, deep strokes he made the familiar 'I'm close' moan that I love to hear so much. I pulled him closer onto me and told him to cum in me, cum in my pussy and that I was going to cum again as well. He exploded inside me, filling my hole with his hot cum, the feeling of each blast hitting the walls so deep inside me was enough to send me into another intense orgasm. My body arched up, and I grabbed the sheets tightly as the dam burst again.

It was the best orgasm(s) I'd had in a while, neither of us could move for what seemed like hours and when we finally did get up to head to the shower I noticed that there was a giant wet spot that stretched all the way across my bed. I think it may have been the most I've ever squirted... so far anyway ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Got A Fun New PSN Gamer Card :)

Impressive huh? Not just the card, which is pretty cool, but the trophy count as well :D

You can click on it to check out my Playfire gamer page.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sexy Storytime - My Long Lunch With A Coworker

So today has been unbearably boring here at work, our computers were down much of the day and I'm so tired of the idle chitchat that always comes with a lull in work. On top of all that, my hubby is sick so I didn't get my normal morning fuck and I've been horny as hell all day. So here's how I set out to make the day much better, both for me and one of my fellow offer dwellers ;) I just got back from a long lunch and since I have a couple hours left to kill before I head home, I thought I'd go ahead and type this up!

Two IT guys here had been flirting with me since I started here and finally a couple weeks ago I let them take me out after work where they bought me lots of drinks, I gave them both blowjobs and let them play with my naked body in return. I promised they could have more of me when the time was right... well, with the way I was feeling today, the time was right! I went down to their little section and chatted them up while they worked, flirting with them, touching them... the usual seductive stuff.

They were responding nicely but it wasn't getting where I wanted fast enough, so I simply threw it out there... "So are you guys gonna take me somewhere and fuck the shit outta me or what??" All was dead silent until finally Jason stood up and said "Hell yeah, I live just a few minutes away!" I turned to Steven and found him looking really sad... "My wife is meeting me here for lunch in a bit" he stammered. So I went over, kissed him deeply and rubbed his already hard cock through his pants, "Sorry to hear that, but I need a dick in me now so maybe you can play next time" I said, then I grabbed Jason and headed out.

He was right, he only lived a few minutes away. And though that didn't give me any time to play with him on the ride there, I was very happy to get inside to the main event! By the time he'd dragged me to the bedroom, he had already removed his shirt and shoes, his chest flexed when I looked at him. Smiling that big smile, he held his arms open and I walked forward. We embraced and he kissed me hard and then he laid me back on the bed. He wasn't going to waste any time. Jason then pushed my long skirt up, grabbed my panties and pulled them down. As soon as my panties were off and flung to the floor, his lips met my pussy and he began to slide his tongue up and down my wet slit. "Oh my God!" was all I could say, my head rolled back and forth on the bed and my hands went straight to squeezing my tits.

I was lost in an electric feeling, waves of pleasure surging through my body. He then pushed my legs way up and began to probe at my anus with his tongue, it felt amazing! I could hear him fumbling with his belt and pants and the second they dropped he climbed up on to the bed, between my legs. I pulled my skirt up higher, bunching it onto my big belly. He rubbed the tip of his dick up and down my pussy lips, driving me mad with lust. I rocked against him, feeling my body open up as he shoved it into me deep and hard, taking my breath away for a moment. I moaned deeply as he filled me with his thick cock, the tip of it ground and rubbed against me in just the right spot. I came so fast, before he had even got a good rhythm going.

As I started to come down from my orgasm Jason began to fuck me harder. He thrust and twisted his hips, ensuring his dick rubbed every part of my pussy. Only mere moments later I groaned as another quick orgasm rocked my body. After I came the second time he pulled free and helped me remove my skirt and top. As it went over my head his lips went straight for my tits, he sucked and bit my covered nipples, devouring them as his fingers deftly reached behind me removing my bra. While he sucked my now bare tits, going from one to the other, I reached down, grabbed his cock and stroked it. My fingers could barely wrap all the way around it and I felt the blood pulsing through his veins.

He reached down with one hand to my hip and gave it a little tug, I moved with his hand and rolled onto my hands and knees. Jason then slapped my ass as he moved between my legs and said, "I love the sight of a big fat ass sticking up in the air like that!" He slid his dick up and down my slit once and then drove it back into me. "Ugh!" was all I could say as the fat dick sank back into place. Jason’s big curved dick was now driving in and out from behind as his hands squeezed at my fat belly and pulled on my big tits while he fucked me good and hard. He knows how to work every inch of his dick and his big swollen head as it rubbed the ripples in my pussy. I cried out and begged him to fuck me harder! One hand slipped deeper underneath me, to my pussy and began to rub my clit as his other hand played with my ass.

Every inch of me was sensitive to his touch and I wiggled my ass matching his thrusts, each deeper and deeper, pounding at the very center of my being. Jason scooped up my hot cum as it leaked from my pussy and spread it on my asshole. I moaned as he thrust harder and his balls slapped against my clit, then his finger slipped into my ass. I screamed at the pleasure, it caused my pussy to quiver, pulse and shudder as he fucked me harder. I felt a second finger probe my ass and then he was back at my clit gathering more my juices to rub on and in my asshole.

He pulled his dick from my pussy and pushed up it against my ass. He continued to push and his tip slowly sunk into my ass. I cried out as he gripped my large ass tighter, not allowing me to pull free... as if I wanted to! One hand slipped lower around my side to kneed into my fat and then further to finger my clit. It all felt so good and I arched my back to give him more access to my clit as his dick sank deeper in my ass. "Oh shit," I yelled, "that is fucking huge baby!" It hurt a bit, but in such a good way, a few tears began to stream down my face but it felt so incredible to give myself completely to him. My ass felt on fire, my nipples tingled and my pussy throbbed. I clenched my teeth as he began a slow, steady fuck of my asshole. And the more he fucked it, the better it felt. I began to slam my ass back into his dick, his balls slapped loudly against my dripping pussy with every thrust.

Soon his breathing and his pace quickened. With both hands gripping my fat ass he drove himself deep and hard and we both had mind blowing orgasms. I screamed as my body rocked and at that same moment he grunted and I felt the warm surge of his cum as it began to fill my ass. I moaned and screamed as I felt every squirt of cum filled hit my insides. He must have been saving it up as squirt after squirt filled my dark fuck hole and his dick seemed to swell bigger with every shot. There was so much cum, it started to leak out with every push and dribbled down my pussy. I looked under my belly and saw a couple long thick strings of it dripping onto the bed.

I finally crumpled onto the bed, gasping and sobbing a bit. I felt so damn good and spent! Jason pulled his dick free, grabbed a towel to wipe off with and crawled up the bed to lay next to me. "How was that" he asked panting, but with a sly smile. "Oh, was that it? I know you got a little more in ya" I answered as I got up and took his soft dick in to my mouth. "Oh yes," he moaned "suck it Val! Make me hard again!" I took it as deep as I could and licked what I couldn't quite fit in it. I cupped his balls and felt the weight of them. Jason was already starting to get harder, a lot harder, and soon all I could easily fit in my mouth was the tip. He stroked my hair and looked down at me, smiling that sly smile.

"Ready for more?" he asked, pushing me over as he crawled back between my legs. He shoved his cock back in my pussy with one long, hard thrust. This time when he fucked me, he fucked me harder, driving his body into my clit and pussy. With both my ankles in his hands, he drove his dick deep like a man possessed. He smiled down at me as he watched my belly big tits bounce and jiggle from each powerful thrust. I had no control, all I could do was lay there, moaning and grunting while my pussy gripped tightly on his cock.

Suddenly he yelled, "Oh Fuck Yeah!" He filled my pussy with his creamy sperm with two or three shots, then he pulled out shooting more hot sperm across my fat belly and tits, one shot flying up to land on my face. I had rarely seen so much cum in my life! It had coated my belly and tits and was leaking like a river from my pussy and ass forming a large puddle under me.

He climbed back up and asked me lick him clean, which I happily did. Then without a word, he got out of bed and jumped into the shower. "You can join me or take one after me if you want. We need to get back to work though."

We'd been going at it for an hour and a half but I decided just to do some light cleaning and got back to looking more professional. I know my hubby will like seeing me come home still smelling of sex and full of cum, I don't think I'll disappoint him today!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Fun Friday Night

I had a GREAT weekend and I thought I'd share it with all of you... I'm not saying it was the best weekend ever but it was crazy fun and fresh in my mind.

Friday night my hubby had to go in to work for a few hours so I took the time to set up a little surprise... Made a couple calls then got ready and left to pick him up later that night. When he came out to the car he found me wearing absolutely nothing but a long coat (which I made sure was wide open when he got into the car). He loved it and attacked my naked body right there, we weren't going to have sex yet, just some very heavy petting since we were in a parking lot for a closed down restaurant near his store. But it was pretty passionate, his hands went all over while he kissed on my neck and I'd managed to get his cock into my hand. Then, when I opened my eyes I found that an old raggedy guy was standing close by, watching us!

My hubby said we should probably go and I started the car, but then rolled down the window and called the guy over. He got to me quickly, never taking his eyes off my body, and with a lot of effort stammered "Do you have any change?" I couldn't help but laugh so I pulled out a five dollar bill and told him that he could have the five or play with my tits for a few moments. His eyes got wide and without even needing to think about it he reached in and started fondling my tits.

He smelled horrible, of stale cigs, liquor and grime, but he had a gentle touch and it felt good. He even reached in a little further to feel and squeeze my fat belly and I just loved that... he did too. I continued to stroke my husband while I was groped, this probably turned him on even more than it was doing to me! I finally told the guy we had to go and he withdrew his hand without complaint. I gave him the five anyway, told him thanks and that he had good hands.

As I was pulling out of the lot my hubby told me that I was the most amazing gal in the world (he often say this and I know he actually means it each and every time) but I told him that he ain't seen nothin yet :D

We had to stop by a store to take advantage of a sale on a couple video games, Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2. Yeah, I knew we'd planned to stop there on the way home and I was perfectly fine being secretly nude while shopping there. Before getting to the electronic department though, I pulled him into the clothing area and we made out for a bit. He shoved me into a rack of clothes, essentially hiding me from view, opened up my coat and explored my body... squeezing my tits & pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit & even finger fucking my sopping wet pussy with the other. He was so close to making me cum that I didn't even notice that the coat had fallen off me and when I finally shoved him away I found it had been kicked out into the open area.

I asked very nicely that he hand it to me and he just smiled, then when I demanded it he acted all innocent like nothing was going on and stepped back a bit! I figured who gives a shit and after taking a quick glance around I stepped out of the security of the clothes rack and went right over to the coat, picking it up with a very low bend so he got a good long look at my hanging tits and large ass. It was only after I'd wrapped it back around me that I saw my husband wasn't the only one that must've got a nice view, there was a store employee standing not more than 10 feet away! He was a young guy (hopefully at least 18 though) partially hidden by another rack, we hadn't seen him and had no idea how long he'd been there. He had a huge grin on his face though, so I just winked, put my finger on my lips and gave him a shush sound as we walked by.

He followed us until we left, probably hoping for another look, and I was surprised (and maybe a little disappointed?) that he didn't follow us right out to the car! We couldn't stop laughing once we'd bought our games and got outside, stuff like that was so much fun!

Once we got home I knew the real fun was about to begin, so as soon as we got in the door I dropped my coat and stripped him naked. We kissed for a bit while I stroked his cock and then pulled him towards the bedroom. It was dark so I sat him down on the bed, the timing could not have been better... just as I turned on a small dim lamp, two sets of hands pulled him further down on the bed, two naked bodies laying down on his!

I'd called over my hubby's girlfriend Summer and our fuckbuddy Emily for some fun and they'd been waiting for just that! So this night he was God and we were his obedient angels, doing anything and everything we could just to please him! I guess that would make our bed heaven, and oh boy was it!!

The rest of the night, and long into the morning, was nothing but pleasure and passion and pure ecstasy! Whenever anyone got tired, they just rolled away from the action and rolled right back in when they were ready. I can say for sure that every hole on every body in the bed that night got fucked and everyone had many wonderful orgasms!

The first time my hubby came was in Summer's pussy while I was next to them being licked by Em, Summer said my mouth looked so inviting that she placed her cum filled pussy right down on top of it. I greedily licked her clean while I had my own orgasm, squirting right into Em's mouth! What teamwork huh?? ;)

Later he came all over my face and tits, which was instantly kissed and licked up by the girls, while I finger fucked them to almost simultaneous orgasms. Ok, needless to say, fun was had by all!

It was amazing, especially for my guy of course, as we focused much of our sexual energy on him... he was in top form that night and his stamina was pretty incredible! I like to think I'm mostly responsible for that with our earlier activities, I've found if I get him REALLY turned on at the start, his energy stretches on forever!

So there's Friday night, maybe next I'll delve more into Saturday and Sunday :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do you like to role play?

Yes! Give me a naughty schoolgirl outfit or make me a slutty nurse and I'm very happy! But I think my favorite is when my hubby dresses as a superhero!! :D

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toy Review - Wild G Rabbit Vibrator

Finally another toy review, a long time coming, I know... this is something I hope to bring back as a regular feature. So without further ado...

The Wild G Rabbit Vibrator!

It’s a while since I indulged myself with a rabbit sex toy. My favorite toy ever had been sitting on the bathroom counter for awhile now, after many wonderful years it finally died and I was horribly upset about it :(

So for Xmas, a very naughty Santa gave me the Wild G Vibrator from California Exotics. Here's the basic specs -

  • Approx 6-1/2" of penetration (overall length 10")

  • About 5+" of girth (1-1/2" thick)

  • It features a triple pronged rabbit stimulator to hit all the good spots around the clit.

  • 3 vibrational speeds

  • Multispeed rotating beads

  • Rotational head for internal massage, with directional change

  • Made from body friendly silicone

  • Waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower

  • G-spot shaped head for added stimulation

  • Operated by 3 x AA batteries

It was probably only a half an hour after I'd unwrapped it that I had very quietly snuck off to the bedroom, stripped naked and spread out on the bed. After seeing this gorgeous toy, I had an overwhelming desire to fuck myself stupid!

No introductions necessary, I was already sopping wet and didn't even need any lube. I pushed the cool tip of the vibe between my legs and eased it inside me, pressing both buttons once (beads & head rotation and vibe speed) it gave me an instant urge to orgasm! It felt fantastic... the rotating head was hitting the 'spot' perfectly and the rabbit stimulator was much more effective than many vibes I've used as it beat it’s filthy rhythm upon my sensitive clit.

I could feel it was almost time, so soon after starting!! I pressed the buttons a couple of more times and took it to max power. The internal massage from the rotating beads was very good and surprisingly stimulating, I've had others with this function but it never really did much for me until this one. The rabbit was also doing some serious work on my clit, aided by the other vibrating tips and it had me moaning like a madwoman!

On max power the rotational head not only massages you in to submission but moves the clit vibe around in a very provocative way, after only a few minutes I had quit my rabid thrusting and held it deep inside me, letting it do all the work! I was lost to the world around me, knowing only the intense pleasure and before long I was panting and pushing my hips back, awaiting that first incredible toygasm.

I came fast and furious, harder than I had with any toy in a long time, it left me gasping for air and fully sated.

It was then I realized my hubby and our friends were all in the room, watching intently and even touching themselves! When they saw I was aware of them, they burst into applause, lol! Then of course the real fun began and my new toy saw a lot of use that day!

This rabbit is an excellent sex toy and would likely suit anyone, perhaps even adventurous beginners as long as they take it slow at first. You can apply as little or as much as you require, so it's good to build up to the most intense settings. I think the g-spot and added clitoral stimulation would be enough to win most women over, but the size, shape and feel are a huge plus!

My one and only complaint is the shape of the clit stimulator, though still officially considered a rabbit it doesn't feature the split 'ears' design... I believe this is referred to as a dolphin shape. It may not be quite as good but it still gets the job done with style and grace ;)

It was tough to say goodbye to my old rabbit, it was my fav toy in every way... but the Wild G has surpassed it completely! This is now my favorite out of my many, many toys!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook - One More Try

As some of you have already discovered, I am again on Facebook. After they deleted me last time, I didn't want to try another profile... hell, I never wanted one in the first place! But I was talked in to trying it again, one last time. See how easy it is to talk me into something?? heh

So if you wanna add me, feel free... but I'm going to be more cautious about who I add so be sure to tell me where you found me in the add request message so I'll accept you right away!

Facebook Page

Mostly I just want a way to connect with people while I'm at work as I can't access here or many other sites, FB at least lets me talk with people when I'm not busy.

Anyway, we'll see how long I last there, lol! See ya there!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!!

Just stopping in to wish all my readers and followers a very happy Valentine's Day! :*

I do hope you've been enjoying my slow, but steady, return to my blog and you can be sure you'll be reading (and seeing, heh) more of me all year... I don't make resolutions, but I promised myself I'd start making more time for all this.

So until next time, sending you all hugs and kisses and licks and sucks and whatever else you want from me ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexy Storytime - Black Cock At The Mall

A lot of people are always asking me if I like black guys, of course I do, I like ALL guys! But I realized I've never told of any experiences with any, so I sat down and typed out one of my most memorable... it was many years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday, that's a good thing for you too as I'm hopefully able to describe it with all the detail you love ;)

So it was a summer weekend when my hubby was out of town at a convention, I went to the mall to waste some time and flirt around with some people. I was so horny and if I found someone to hook up with, all the better.

I wore tight jeans to show off my big ass and my white tank top was very low cut and hardly covered my large 42DD's. I was bra less, and though the top was strong enough to hold my tits firmly, the fabric was quite thin and barely hid my nipples.

I went into the a couple stores and flirted with the men working there, a few were falling all over themselves wanting to help me. I bought a few things and got even hornier knowing that they were staring at my chest the whole time. I tried on a couple shirts in one store and while I was in the dressing room, the sales associate brought me one in a better size. I opened the door topless and took the shirt, giving him a good look at my tits. Unfortunately he was too shy to do more than that, but I'm pretty sure I made his day... hell, probably his year!

I went up to the food court, bought a Jamba Juice and sat down to a few minutes. I noticed a somewhat older black man looking at me and after a few smiles and looks between us, he got up and came over to my table.

"May I sit here young lady?" he asked in a sexy deep voice. "Or are you waiting for your husband?"

"No, I mean sure, sit down" I said, wondering what this man was up to, "I don't mind."

"I can't stand to see such a young beautiful woman all by herself." he said lowering his tall, well built frame to the chair.

"Oh?" I giggled "Well, then... my name is Val."

We talked a little and he said his name was Will. I finished my drink and told him thanks for the company as I got up. He stood up, kissed my hand and thanked me for the 'beautiful encounter'. I walked away and after a couple more stops I went to the parking garage where I again ran into Will, who was parked on the same level as I was.

"Hey! Don't I know you?" I said as I walked by.

"Well hello there again, where'd you park?" he said walking to me.

"Oh, I'm right up here a little ways." I said. I found myself growing extremely horny for this older black man.

He walked with me to my car and I bent down to unlock it. When I stood up, he was almost right on top of me. I jumped and he put his hand on my arm and began to rub it slowly.

"Don't be scared, Val. I would never hurt such a fine young lady." He whispered.

"Oh I'm not afraid of you Will," I said in a very sexy tone. "I'm definitely curious about you though."

"How so?" he said as he started caressing my cheek and my neck.

"Well, I'm curious if you like what you see?" I said watching his eyes study my tits.

He slowly slid his hands down my neck to my tits and began squeezing them and playing with my hard nipples. I was already so wet by this point and my heart was racing!

"I can't really see," he said with a sly smile, still fondling my tits. "What I want to look at is all covered up."

I took a quick look around and slowly raised my shirt up letting my naked breasts flop out for him to see.

"Oh girl," he said pinching my nipples lightly. "I love what I see. You have some fine ass titties. I have always wanted to get ahold of a nice set of white titties."

I felt my panties get soaking wet as he lowered his head and began kissing and licking my breasts. His big wet lips felt amazing on my hard nipples as he hungrily took them in his mouth. I moaned in pure delight and began to rub his crotch, I could tell instantly that his cock was very long and thick.

"Now I wanna see this cock." I said giving it a squeeze and feeling it pulse under his clothes.

"You ever had a brother's cock before?" he asked slowly bringing his massive cock out for me to see.

I gasped when I saw the size of it, "Yes, a few, but not one quite like this."

I began to stroke his cock. It was thick and very long. I dropped to my knees right there and began to suck it while he moaned. "That's it girl," he said holding my head while I bobbed on his rod. "Suck daddy's cock... squeeze my balls baby girl... yeah... I bet your pussy is on fire."

I opened up the door to the backseat of my car. "Have a seat?" I asked pressing myself against him.

He got in and pushed his pants down to his ankles. With another quick look around, I took off my jeans, got in with him and closed the door. I got on all fours, a leg on either side of him, my ass facing him. He wasted no time, started rubbing my clit and fingering my tight wet cunt with his massive fingers. I felt myself cum quickly and he spread my ass apart and began tongue fucking my pussy while he worked his finger in and out of my asshole.

I was cumming again and moaning loudly, he drove me crazy. "You need to ride my cock girl." he said, pulling his finger out of my ass. "It's been waiting for your hot wet pussy."

I turned around and straddled his massive monster while he held it up for me. I slowly lowered myself onto his thickness. I moaned as he guided me down his shaft. "Take it slow girl," he said kissing my chest. "That's it...let your pussy soak my cock." I was so fucking wet and his words were making me hotter.

"Oh my God!" I said, slowly riding his amazing tool, taking long strides on him.

His head was back, his eyes closed in ecstasy, "Yeah girl... ohhh... work that tight pussy on me... show me what you got."

I leaned back on him and began to rub my clit while I slid up and down on him. My pussy gripped his cock making him moan in appreciation. "Wow, that's tight!" he said groping my tits. "Rub that clit harder... make your pussy explode all over me."

I rubbed it harder and faster while I bucked wildly on his cock. I came hard and wrapped my arms around his neck, slamming my pussy hard and fast on him. I was screaming at the pure pleasure of it all. He was moaning and grunting as he pushed up hard on me to match his thrusts with mine.

"Fuck me harder!" he said grabbing my large hips and helping me pound down on his cock. "Make me cum baby!"

He was sweating and moaning and then without warning he shot his huge, hot load inside me. I began to slow down my pace and then I came to a stop, his cock still buried deep in me. I could feel his cock twitching and slowly softening, it brought me to one last tiny orgasm. He kissed my ear and whispered "That was unreal baby girl. My cock hasn't had action like that since I was in my 30's!"

I giggled and let him suck my nipples for a few minutes, then I slid off of him and pulled my shirt down over my tits. I got out of the car and pulled my jeans on, I noticed his cum wasn't even leaking out of me yet, he came deep! He pulled up his pants and got out too.

"It was sure nice to meet you Miss Val." he said kissing my forehead.

"Yeah, you too, Will" I said smiling at him.

"I hope it was as good for you as it was for me." he said playing with my nipples again. "You are a sexy young lady and I enjoyed every minute of pleasure you gave me."

"It was amazing," I said. "I'm glad you liked it too."

He handed me his phone number and told me to call him whenever I felt the urge. And I did every now and then, of course I called him. My hubby really liked him and they became friends, they took me together much of the time. I haven't talked to him in a while now though, I think I might give him a call this weekend, see what he's up to ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you really like black guys? Have you been with any? How many?

Yes, like I've always said... I like all types of guys. Race, size, etc. doesn't really matter to me.

And yes, I have fucked black men... in a one on one or threesome situation, I've been with seven black guys, more if you count group (gangbang or orgy) sex.

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sexy Storytime - 3 o'clock In The Morning

I just had to get this down before I forget it, it happened just hours ago but was such a blur really, so exciting though...

It was the middle of the night when I was sweetly woken up by my husband kissing my neck, his hands roaming over my body. I managed a glance at the clock through sleep blurred eyes, it was just after 3 O'clock in the morning.

I rolled over to face him. 'Whats all this?' I asked, slightly breathless, my pussy already getting hot and a bit wet.

'I woke up, that's all, and...' he kissed me deeply and I felt his erection press hard against my belly, 'Well, you can figure out the rest' he said slyly.

He pushed me onto my back and began to kiss down my body, stopping to suck on my nipples for a time, nibbling on them gently and taking each one deep into his mouth. Then on down, kissing and kneading my belly, worshiping it for endless blissful minutes. He finally reached my pussy, obviously where he wanted to end up, and lightly sucked on my lips as he parted them with his fingers.

He seemed to get even more excited to find my slippery wetness, my juices already flowing out and down the crack of my ass. He slid a couple fingers inside me, moving them purposefully around the depths of my hole while he licked and sucked on my clit. I moaned loudly 'Oh god, don't stop!' With me still in a sleepy daze, it didn't take him long at all to make me cum in an almost euphoric, out of body orgasm.

He lapped up every drop of my cum and quickly came back up and kissed me hard, darting his tongue into my mouth so that I could taste my own sweet juice. 'Can I fuck you now?' he asked with a smile and without even answering, I kissed him passionately and pulled him hard against me. As I felt his cock enter me, he let out a shuddering moan that turned me on so much I had another tiny orgasm wave pass through my body! He pushed himself softly in and out of my pussy, making love to me gently and he soon shot his load. The sensation of his thick, hot liquid flowing up inside of me made me cum again with him. He collapsed on the bed next to me, 'That was very nice' I told him, rolling over on top of him to kiss him sweetly, 'I'll be right back'.

I went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to cool myself down. When I came out he was waiting right there, he pulled me out of the bathroom and pushed me against the hallway wall, the cold surface gave my skin a shock, my nipples even more so and they hardened instantly.

Pressing his body against my back, he forced himself inside me, his cock felt even harder and bigger than it did just minutes ago! I didn't know what had gotten into him but I loved it! 'God Val, you're so fucking sexy' he whispered while nibbling my ear. He pounded into me so hard and fast, my pussy began to get sore, but this kind of pain I liked. I was being taken and there was nothing I could do but enjoy every forceful thrust... sometimes that's the greatest feeling in the world!

Suddenly he hit the spot inside me, 'I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming' I yelled over and over as he fucked me harder, sending wave after wave of pain and pleasure through me. It must have been an amazing sight or maybe it was the sounds, because without a word his cock exploded inside me, filling me with a huge load of cum! I felt it start to gush out of me before he ever pulled out!

We collapsed on the floor, barely able to breath. After a few moments he slid his fingers into my sloppy, cum filled pussy and brought me to orgasm again until I finally had to beg him to stop. Then we both fell sound asleep naked on the hallway floor, his arms holding me gently.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facebook Can Suck My Cock!

Or my 12" strap-on at least :p

It seems I'm just too much woman for Facebook, at some point last night they cancelled my account without warning or explanation. I'm not upset by this at all but I am a little surprised since I was pretty careful and never posted any kind of pics that would be a violation. Mostly just a lot of sexy headshots with plenty cleavage, nothing of me nude, sex related or even that revealling.

Anyway, it's not much of a loss to me as I didn't really want a page to start with. I got a lot of requests from friends and fans that wanted me to start up a profile, now I can say I tried and they didn't want me :p lol

So that's that :*

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whats the largest cock you ever hard fucked you? Was the guy black or white or other? Did you cum? What cock had you had the best orgasm with? Fakes cocks do not count for this question....

The largest in length was just over 11" with an average girth, The thickest was a huge almost 9" girth (that's 3" thick) and about 7" long. They're both white and of course I came! :)

Those two and many other bigger ones were all fun, but the cock that I've had the best orgasms with is pretty average size with a nice big head and the perfect shape to hit all the best spots :D

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What kind of sex toys do you own? How often do you use them?

Many, many different toys! We play with everything from tiny vibes, bullets & anal beads to strapons, rabbits & huge 14" long monster thick dildos :) I do have a couple favorites that I use almost daily...

A lipstick vibe that I can carry with me everywhere and use at work. You'd never know what it really was if you saw it in my purse or on my desk and it's very quiet and very powerful... gets me off in just minutes. Perfect for a quick run to the bathroom or sitting right at my desk to relieve a little stress ;)

For home, I have a Rabbit that I LOVE and use both alone and with others, it's so incredible I can orgasm multiple times easy!

Overall I probably masturbate a couple times a day and more on weekends, just depends on my mood :)

Ask me anything, anything at all! ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Christmas Isn't Quite Chrismas For Us...

So I've gotten a couple confused inquiries from some people asking why I don't celebrate Christmas. I assume this may stem from some tweet or comments you've read lately?

Ok, I do celebrate Christmas, I absolutely love this time of year! What you may have misunderstood me saying is that my hubby and I don't have our holiday now, we celebrate our official Xmas a month later and here's why...

Many years ago we were having some financial problems and Christmas was gonna be sparse (I know, I know, it's not about the material but hey, everyone likes gifts!) so we decided to wait and have our own personal holiday at the end of January to give us some time to get some extra cash and shop a little. It was fantastic! We had our own private Xmas eve and morning, complete with all the decorations, presents, food and fun!

So the next year we decided to make it a fun tradition... we still celebrate with friends and family now and then we'll have our own holiday weekend at the end of Jan! This is also awesome for a few other reasons... 1. Shopping for each other is soooooo much easier and we find things way cheaper once all the jacked up prices are dropped to super cheap! 2. Money isn't so tight after the real holiday so we can splurge a little more 3. Our Xmas coincides with Winter-Een-Mas (more on that in a later post if you're curious) and our gifts for each other usually match up perfect with the spirit of that holiday! And finally 4. We love the reaction we get when telling others! Either people don't get it or they love it and we now have some friends join us for our holidays :)

So we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and love that you wish us the same, but if you remember in a month then feel free to wish us a happy holiday again!


Oh, and of course that gives you another month to look over my wish list to the right if you're feeling generous, hehe.

And anyone that sends me a gift always gets a special little something in return ;)