Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Going On In My Little World??

I know, you came here looking for sexy stories and pictures... well this ain't it. No worries, I have a tale to tell about my recent meeting with fans that you're going to love, I just need to read it over first and then I'll post it. Now though, a little update on my life... it's been about 2 weeks since I got back from my vacation (had a FANTASTIC time btw) and it's been crazy here.

Sadly, while we were in FL... the final nail was hammered into the coffin of my hopes of buying a house and moving there :( I won't bore you with all the sad details, but due to the closedminded stubborness and unwillingness to listen to common reason of the person we were getting a loan from, our funding has fallen through. So that's it, easy as that. Honestly though, this has been the most stressfull year I've ever had and as heartbroken as I am right now, it actually feels good just to have it all end. We'll get to sunny Orlando someday, that's just a fact, but until then we'll just enjoy vacationing there as much as possible.

On top of that bad news... a couple days after I got back home, I was fired from my job. Now I'll say right now that I don't see this as a devestating thing, not having a paycheck isn't good but that was a horrible place to work. They treat employees like slaves and have set in place a number of unfair policies and practices (it's no wonder they are currently being sued by ex-workers all over the contry and are currently being investigated by OSHA). In fact, I was fired for standing up for myself and fighting against thier bullshit.

Other than that, we live in a shithole right now and we're looking for a new place. Of course we're also dealing with the money it'll probably take to move, really sucks but I'm looking forward to getting into a new place and making a fresh start :)

So I've actually been spending all my newly free time enjoying life... for me that means fucking & video games :)

There's a lot of games I've been meaning to get to for awhile... I played through Uncharted and started working on Uncharted 2, among a couple other games :)

Sex? You wanna hear about that? Well, I'm having sex with my hubby (and others) 3-4 times a day now, even more on weekends. Not having to go to work, we've had our girlfriend staying with us a few nights a week. And now we're able to spend a lot more time with friends and at gloryholes & parties. FUN!

Ok, so that's it for now, just thought you'd like a quick life update... thanks for reading and we'll get back to the fapable stuff real soon ;)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween To All!!

Just a quick post right now as I'm still enjoying a fantastic vacation in FL... it's gonna hit about 90 degrees here again today!!

But I just wanted to take a minute to wish all my readers a very Happy Halloween! So stay safe, be very sexy and enjoy this awesome holiday!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our First Night In Orlando!

So I'm in beautiful, sunny Florida now! It's been absolutely fantastic so far and I thought I'd take a moment to write about my first couple days/nights.

Let me just say that it's now about 5 am, Friday morn and I'm sitting at the desk in my hotel room with cum dripping from my pussy & ass, the taste of it still in my mouth and a good bit of it drying on various spots on my body... but I'll get to that later ;) heh

We left Portland Wed late night on a long flight (13 hours) stopping first in Seattle, then to Wash DC and finally down here to FL. On the Seattle/DC flight we met this great couple, we'll call them Jack and Jill, who happened to be going to HHN, Universal, etc too. We'd hit it off really well, no wait, I should say that my hubby hit it off really well with the Jill first, it wasn't until later that night that I found something I really liked about Jack. Anyway, we decided to hang out for the rest of the flight and get together for HHN that night.

We split off at the Orlando airport, got our car, had some lunch and checked into our room. We called them to let us know where we were and we agreed to meet at HHN and figure it all out from there. My hubby and I then decided we needed a nap (with some sex first... and then again after, heheh) then went out for the night.

HHN was awesome, a lot of fun! Some very cool haunts this year and it was great to have some friends to share it with! We'd assumed our new friends weren't into 'play' as we'd casually told them earlier in a conversation that we were swingers, they didn't say anything about themselves and there really wasn't much more than some flirting between Jill and my hubby, but that was alright as we were still having a wonderful time with them!

Then, fast forward a bit, HHN ended and we went back to our room to hang out after. I needed another shower pretty bad so when Jill went out to get us some drinks, I left Jack and my hubby talking video games to clean up. About 5 minutes in I heard the bathroom door open and felt someone slip in behind me. "Just what do you think you're doing, did you just leave them out there alone?" I said thinking it was my hubby. "I just though I'd come in and wash your back" I heard Jack's deep voice say.

I was startled for a moment but once I turned around and saw him, I relaxed instantly and smiled at the prospect of him washing my back, other things as well. He was a bigger guy but I found he was very firm and muscular. And his cock was just beautiful, my god it was a work of art! He was obviously a tit man as it wasn't until I turned around and he started looking me over that his long limp hanging dick grew hard and thick and even longer.

I stepped up to him so that my tits pressed against him, his cock poking my belly and he leaned down to kiss me. We soaped each other up, of course spending some extra time cleaning, stroking and fingering certain 'very dirty' spots.

We eventually got out and dried each other off, finally going out to find Jill and my hubby already naked and in a 69 position. They both saw us and smiled, then went back to their fun so Jack and I went to the other bed and dove right in. Our foreplay done in the shower, he shoved his cock right into my dripping wet hole. I gasped loudly when he entered me and I believe this was when they started fucking in the bed next to us.

It seemed like we mirrored each other for the next hour or so as whenever I found the mind (meaning that I wasn't lost in ecstasy) to glance over to them, we were all in the same position. I also remember her being very loud, which I know pleased my hubby, and that we all came at pretty much the same time. We all must have collapsed and fallen asleep after that, we were all exhausted after such a long day.

I awoke late the next morning feeling Jack's soft cock still between my legs, likely where it plopped out after he came in me. Looking over I saw Jill sucking on my hubby and I figured Jack would like waking up the same way... he did :) After awhile I heard Jill say something about fucking her ass (I was told later that she had a tight little asshole and loved anal). I thought about enjoying the same but it seemed that Jack wanted nothing more than my mouth as he pressed my head down on his huge dick.

He came (a lot!) a few minutes later and then we spent awhile feeling and rubbing on each other as we made out, until I heard my hubby grunt and Jill squeal! We all got dressed and talked for a bit before saying goodbye. We'll be getting together again in a couple days, I really want to get some time to play with Jill myself next time ;)

Whew, ok... so this ran on longer than I thought it would, I'll have to make my next post about what fun last night was (re: the 2nd paragraph above) when I met and hung out with a group of fans at HHN!

Promise I'll get back here very soon! Bye for now! :*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando!

Ok, so I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be at Universal Orlando's HHN next week! We'll be there on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 28th & 29th! There's a small chance I might also go on Fri and/or Sat, Oct 30th & 31st, but I've been invited to some parties those nights so it's unlikely.

Anyway, if anyone else will be there those nights, be sure to let me know. In the past years I've done a 'Meet & Greet' kinda thing with fans but this year we're gonna be more casual, just hang out, have some chills & thrills.

Of course I guess the same offers can apply as in the previous years... if ya wanna buy me an HHN t-shirt then I'll let you help me put it on ;) Buy me a couple drinks and who knows what I'll do! heh ;D

Hope to see ya there!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Sex Life In A Little More Detail!

So I often get emails and messages that usually start out with the 'I love hearing about your experiences' and the like, but many of them also ask what my sex life is like in between those super fun times. So for all you wondering (and those that weren't :p), here's a rundown on my normal everyday sex life...

In a usual week I have sex with my hubby at least a couple times a day... we almost never miss a good morning fuck and after work or before bed is a must. I'm also a big fan of lunchtime quickies and of course you have to add in the random horny times! So I would put my wedded bliss count at around 15-25 times in an average week... not bad considering we've been together almost 10 years and married for almost 3 yrs! :D

I should also say that I love oral and blowjobs are a fairly common thing in my house, I drop to my knees quite often. Whether we're just watching tv, cooking dinner, getting ready for work, carrying in groceries, playing video games or any other everyday activity. I honestly don't think I could could how many bjs I give in an average week!

We have a fairly solid rule that we don't do anything without each other with a few exceptions. I have a boyfriend and my hubby has a girlfriend, both of which we have agreed we could fuck without restrictions. The same goes for some of our friends (2 of his friends can pretty much have me whenever, wherever and 3 of my friends can have him the same way). Otherwise, most of the parties, dances and other such events involve the two of us together, even if one of us isn't directly involved.

And before anyone asks, this is a rule that was requested by me and has only been in effect for about a year. I came to a point where I started feeling less into it if my hubby wasn't there with me... whether he was in a pile of ppl with me, watching or even just in the same house and off fucking some other lucky gal.

Ok, so back to my average, everyday sex life... I would say I have sex with a 'fuck buddy' (for lack of a better term) at least a few times a week, sometimes more. Then add in some random swinger parties & clubs, gangbangs, and trips to the gloryholes every month and I have a pretty fan-fucking-tastic sex life! :)

Needless to say that I LOVE sex and it's a huge part of my life. I've been opened up to so many new and exciting experiences in the last 10 years, I count myself so incredibly lucky and that's one of the resons I enjoy sharing it all with you. Hope you enjoy it too!

:* KISSES! :*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Big Happy Birthday To My Sweet Man!

I just wanted to wish my wonderful hubby a great birthday today! Love you sooooooo much! :*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good Things In Life!

Ok, so I've told you all the crappy things in life right now, but what about the good stuff? Well, for the last couple months my life has been shit in almost every way but the sex lately has been just... WOW!!! As I stated in a previous post, I've been getting back into the wild life.

I've been having some great times at a couple of the local gloryholes, just last week I sucked off about a dozen guys and had one beautiful cock double fuck me with my hubby :) This is one of the biggest things I'm gonna miss about Oregon.

We've been to Club Sesso a few times in the last couple months, very cool place and we've met some really nice & sexy people. The only downside to the club is the curse of any swinger club... the same people at every party. Even after just a few times there, we'd already met (and played around with) many of the ppl. Still a lot of fun and we're thinking of going to the Couples Only party on Oct 3rd and the Twisted party on the 8th (Ron Jeremy is actually gonna be there!)

I've had some truly amazing sex lately (in some extraordinary places) and will be sitting down ASAP to type out some "Sexy Storytime" posts for ya. I'm also gonna take some time to post some new pics of my naughty parts, cause really that's all you're really here for ;)

Stay tuned! :*

Monday, September 21, 2009

My So Called Life...

Has it really been almost 2 whole months since my last post???? Holy fuck, time flies when life is shitty and stressful :(

I haven't really had a chance to get online at all... haven't been on twitter, myspace, chubby parade or anywhere else in forever. I hate that we decided to hold off on my website until we moved to FL, it's still the right decision but I miss doing the photo sets, cam shows, chatting with friends & fans and everything else I've had to put on hold to get life in order.

We were supposed to have moved at the end of Aug and had to delay it until the end of this month... now we've been told that it may be Nov before the house even closes. Unfortunately the longer it takes the more we feel we're being taken advantage by the parties involved, including our agent! She hasn't done a single thing for us since we found the house, not even bothering to give us updates on what's happening and when we do finally get in touch with her it feels like everything she tells us is just to string us along.

So the question we keep asking is "Do any of them even deserve our money?" The decision we're now trying to make is if we just hang on or back out and go looking for another house? Right now, we're looking into going back down to FL for another week of house hunting and feeling pretty good about it. And of course the big plus to it is that we won't miss Halloween Horror Nights! Just the same, whatever we decide we won't be moving until at least Nov :(

On top of that I'm absolutely hating my job right now... it seems that ever since I made it clear that I won't be there much longer (I hope), many of the people and even some so call friends have decided to either ignore me most of the time or just make my job miserable.

I finally told my family that I'd be moving and only very few of them took it well... most all of my family has always lived right here and it's rare that anyone ever escapes, they're all such drama queens and guilt mongers about it too. And now, to make this worse, both my grandfather and grandmother have found they've got kidney problems and neither may live more than a few months so the guilt of leaving is just that much worse.

Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh, I feel like I'm pulled apart in every direction!

The one saving grace is my husband... his love and support, along with our absolutely incredible sex life, is the one thing keeping me sane! But more on that in my next post, I just don't want to ruin it by including it in a bitching post like this.

And so, if you're still reading this, thanks for letting me vent and look for a much more fun post, some great stories and maybe a few new pics soon!

:* KISSES! :*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Featured on the Welcome to Don Carlos' Gallery blog!

Imagine my surprise when I logged in tonight and there, on my favorite blogs update, is my face! I'm the most recent addition to the stunning bevey of beauties featured on the 'Welcome to Don Carlos' Gallery!' blog :)

He's a true lover of women and the very lucky husband of the gorgeous BBW Olivia!

You can find me HERE and the rest of his great blog HERE!

Thanks for having me hun! ;)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sexy Storytime - Heat Wave!

It was early afternoon a couple days ago when I arrived at home, we were in the middle of a major heat wave and it was already over 100 degrees and rising. Unfortunately we have no A/C and my hubby was home that day sweltering in the unbearable heat. I was planning on us going out for a quick lunch in a nice, cool place but then he answered the door even before I touched the knob. He stood in the doorway wearing only a pair of boxers and a very sexy smile.

I stepped in, dropped my keys on the table, walked up to him and sweetly kissed the corner of his mouth. I lightly ran my tongue along his bottom lip before he took my breath away with a deep, sensual kiss. We separated for a few brief moments and I relished in the way his kiss tasted of mint and I inhaled his intoxicating scent of manly sweat. When our lips met for a second time it was filled with a sudden need and wanting for more. As our bodies pressed closer together I could already feel his engorged cock pressing against my hip. The lunch had already been forgotten and I was quickly aroused, but the feel of his cock sent me spiraling even deeper.

We pulled apart and he looked in my eyes, I could see the animal in him struggling to get out. He flipped my hair away from my neck before his lips connected, his teeth nibbled at my shoulder and up the side of my neck. My knees went weak and I couldn't stand it anymore. I pulled him up to the bedroom and quickly pulled off his shorts, then knelt in front of him and ran my hands up his legs and thighs careful not to touch his swollen cock just yet. I watched his gorgeous cock bounce with excitement an inch in front of my face. My hands continued around to grasp his ass and, as I did this, my mouth opened and my tongue flicked out to lick his engorged head.

With a deep intake of breath, I placed my wide open mouth over the head of his cock. He sat back onto the bed as I gently began to suck him, my tongue swirled and flicked over the head of his cock and down the shaft as I continued. I stroked his cock with my lips repeatedly, quickly then slowly then faster again, always exploring more of him with my tongue. His breath was coming in short gasps and his moans became deep and loud. I knew he was close to exploding in my mouth so I gave one last lick and with a slight popping sound freed his cock from my mouth.

I stood between his legs as I began to remove my clothes, almost peeling them off my already sweat soaked skin. It was so erotic with him just watching every movement I made, I ached for him to touch me all over but he just watched with anticipation. I pulled off my blouse and wiggled out of my skirt first, then slowly removed my bra, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples as I did. Finally I turned and bent over, removing my panties from my ample ass. I stayed there a few seconds, grabbing my cheeks and spreading them wide, giving him an excellent view of my plump pussy and tiny asshole. When I turned back and stood in front of him, he quickly sat up and took my breast into his mouth, sucking and licking at one nipple then the other, sending tiny orgasmic shocks straight to my core.

His hands encircled both my breasts, he squeezed and kneaded them as his mouth worshiped my nipples into stiff peaks. My hands were roaming across his hot, sweaty shoulders, down his back then back up to the nape of his neck. I grasped his hair, roughly tilted his head back and kissed him fiercely. His hands left my breasts and found the wetness of my cunt. His fingers glided over my slit as his thumb found my clit, I jumped as if a jolt of electricity went through me.

He stood, his fingers still exploring my pussy, and turned to sit me on the bed. I laid back on the bed as he lifted my legs and hips up off the bed to his shoulders. In an instant his lips were roaming my pussy and his tongue was lapping at the juices flowing from within my thick folds. His teeth gently and playfully scraped the hood of my clit and he began sucking on it after a slight nibble, I absolutely love this as it makes me feel like I have a tiny cock and somewhat know how wonderful guys feel when I'm down there sucking them. After a bit he started to drive his tongue in and out of my slit, then up across my clit, then back into my sopping wet hole. I couldn't control myself any longer, I moaned and thrashed as my orgasm hit strong and lasted long.

My hot cum squirt right into his willing mouth and flowed over his tongue as he lapped furiously to take it all. Finally he stood up and leaned over to kiss me with my juices still wet on his chin and lips, which I licked happily and kissed him deeper still. As our tongues danced he plunged his cock deep into my still spasming pussy. I broke the kiss as I gasped at the sheer pleasure each thrust was giving me, his cock driving in and out of my slick pussy with ease. Our bodies, now drenched in sweat from the overwhelming heat, slapped and slid together with each push. After what seemed like hours of pure ecstasy he looked into my eyes and I could tell he was close to his own orgasm.

I arched my body to meet his thrusts, begging him for more! He knew exactly what I wanted and slammed his cock in deeper and harder as his fingers pinched and squeezed my clit. I exploded in a senses shattering orgasm, thrashing my head back and forth in ecstasy and drenching him in my sweet cum. I then felt him reach his climax and pull from my pussy. Hot, sticky cum shot from the head of his cock and landed on my lips and chin, covering my tits and belly and finally dripping all over my smooth pussy. I quickly sat up and lapped at the head of his cock, sucking the last drops of delicious cum from him.

But he wasn't quite done yet, when I had finished tongue lashing his spent cock, he gave my now overly sensitive pussy a tongue bath, cleaning my slit of our mix of cum and making me climax one last time, quick and hard.

I'll tell ya, heat wave sex may not be pretty but it sure is intense and some of the best sex you’ll ever have!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back To A More Fun Life!

Ok, quick life update - we're pretty much guaranteed the house is ours but we're still waiting for the final approval process to go through. We had planned to move at the end of August, which could possibly still happen, but as of now it may be a month or two more before we can even move forward :( Fucking stupid seller messing everything up.

Anyway, the last few months have been a pain in my ass and have really cut into my relaxed & sexy lifestyle. So I've decided since there's nothing more I can do but some light packing and a lot of waiting... it's time to have some fun.

We just took a tour of Portland's new swingers club, Club Sesso. It's very cool, looks great and we've decided to join. We're only doing a 3 month membership (as I hope we'll be moving in that time) but that's still a whole lot of Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays of sexy, nasty, kinky fun!!

I'm also hoping we'll be able to go to a very fun sounding 'Naughty Karaoke' tonight! If you think just normal karaoke in front of a bunch of friends & strangers is tough, imagine singing naked! Mmmmm, a duet could be REALLY fun! ;)

We're going to get back into the NightshiftNW dances too, there's one on Aug 8th but I don't know the theme. The last one we attended was way back in March - Short Skirts, High Heels, NO Panties - and that was great, we met a few awesome new friends there.

So you can see I'm just gonna get back to life as I know it for now and deal with the new house, moving, etc as it happens.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh God, Oh God... Oh Yeah!

Yeah, life's been hell lately... pretty much just a rough roller coaster ride of ups and downs and loopdeloops. Worst of all, I've had little to no time online in forever!

I figured it was time to post a few pics. Nothing too exciting and unfortunately they don't show much of me, but they are fun!

So I was getting ready to go out one night and started taking some shots of myself, that alone was enough to turn me on so I started playing around with new thrusting vibe. With it slamming into me, one hand hitting the camera button every few seconds and my other either working on my clit or tits... well, you can see the rest on my face ;) I snapped about 70 pics in the few minutes it took me to cum but sadly very few came out looking decent (can't blame me though, I was otherwise occupied, heheh)

I'm hoping to take some fun new sets soon, even if for no other reason than I need some more sexy in my world right now. Enjoy these for now!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cum where???

So a group of us were discussing cumshots the other day and this is what came from it.

Has a guy ever ejaculated...

In your mouth? Yes

Down your throat? Yes, never even tasted it!

On your face? Yes, all the time

In your eye? No, I hear that's not good for it

In your hair? Yes, I knew a guy with a major hair fetish

In your ear? No, don't think it'll happen

On your neck? Yes, I've been given plenty of pearl necklaces!

On your chest? Yes, of course! Who wouldn't wanna cum on these tits?

Into your hand? Yes, usually followed by a yummy drinking of it

On your stomach? Yes, guys love my belly!

In your belly button? Yes actually, I know someone that loves to fuck it

On your back? Yes

On your ass? Yes

On your legs? Yes

On your feet? Yes

If you have one, on your tattoo? Not yet, getting my first tattoo this year, can't wait!

On your pussy? Yes

In your pussy? Yes, of course... personally my fav place for cum!

In your ass? Yes, maybe my second fav place!

So there ya go, just in case you were ever curious :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Updates on Everything Me...

Hey there everyone, it's been awhile, about 2 weeks I think. I hope ya missed me a bit!! My life has gone a bit topsy turvy lately, though I think everything will eventually turn back our way and hopefully get back to normal soon too.

We still have the house, yes indeed! But it seems the seller has been found to be committing a type of fraud, trying to sell the house to more than one party. She's being investigated (as well as her realtor) and that's all I'll say on that.

What this means for us? A big headache, but hopefully nothing more than that. We're pretty sure the sale is still going through just fine, though it was in limbo for a short time, which scared the shit out of us, lol. It was in preforeclosure before so it's now been taken over by the banks. Our offer was in first, all the right paperwork filed and approved by the bank before any of this happened so now it just has to go through a quick (I hope) approval process again and we're back to where we were before :D

Anyway, I hope to be online a bit more often and throw some more fun blog posts your way before the big move... as I'll be offline for a pretty long while during the move all the way ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Hehehe, I'm really excited, can you tell?

But once we're down there and settled in, here's what I'm planning... FINALLY getting my site up and running, many, many, many more pic sets, videos, cam shows, panties and other personal items and much much more!!

Don't worry though, there'll be a lot more blogging! As I promised before, this is the spot to always come for regular updates, previews, and all the fun stuff that just doesn't fit on my site!

So until next time...

:* MWAH! A big kiss for all the faithful!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My New House!!

Ok, so forgive me if I gush in this post (no, not that kind of gushing... though I can do that too so ya never know when it might come up on here later) but I JUST GOT THE HOUSE!

The house I'm speaking of is, as most readers of my blog will know, the one we found when house hunting in Florida about a month ago. We expected a longer wait for a final word but just yesterday we got the word that it's ours if we want it!! The bank countered our offer so it's a little more than we wanted to spend but still an absolutely incredible deal!

When built the value of the house was $249,000 (yup, not a typo) and though we'll have to get a new appraisal we've been told it has increased in value. Now I'm not going to say here what we're paying, but it's not even near that number

So a little about the house... it's only 4 years old, about 1800 sq feet (2300 sq ft with garage, about 11000 sq feet full lot size), full tile flooring (NO carpet, yay!) 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, HUGE kitchen, HUGE living room, sun/family room, laundry room and a 2 car garage!

It includes a full central air and heat, washer & dryer, oven, range hood and dishwasher (all just a few years old). No fridge but that's ok cause we have our eye on a real beauty we promised to buy when we got a house.

The kitchen really is huge with tons of counter space, many cupboards, a pantry and a bunch of outlets. The outside is a bar style that just needs some cool stools.

The master bath has a two sink counter, big mirror, a giant garden bath (fits 3 or 4 ppl) and seperate glass box shower (also fits 3-4 ppl)!

So a few things we plan on doing - the master bedroom and walk in closet had carpet that's been pulled out so were going to install some very cool bamboo flooring, we're not too fond of the colors in the various rooms so there'll be some repainting and of course plenty of yardwork including reseeding the lawn, putting up a fence and planting some palm, orange and lemon trees.

The pics below are just some of the shots we took when touring it, it needs some clean up and maybe a little work here and there but it's basically a brand new house! Again, sorry for gushing but thanks for allowing me to share a little of my life with you!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sexy Storytime - Taking Matters Into My Own Mouth

Sometimes, a slut just has to take things into her own hands... or mouth, as the case may be.

My hubby has been super tired lately as he’s been working pretty hard, and unfortunately we hadn’t had sex in almost two days. The truth is that I start to get a little wonky if I go too long without his cock inside me. So last night, I took matters into my own hands. Rather than wait for him to seduce me, I cuddled, snuggled, and sucked my way into some fun for both of us!

We were in bed cuddling naked like we do every night and I could hear some light breathing from him, he had already dozed off! I took his cock in my hands, giving it a little squeeze and kissing his neck. I felt him respond, just a tiny bit; but he was oh so tired, so I moved down and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked gently, not moving much, slow and soft. I used my fingernails to very gently tickle his balls and pulsed my mouth a little bit around his cock, which I felt growing large in my mouth.

I heard him moan a bit and I moved back, letting his cock slide out of my mouth slowly and then tickling the tip with my tongue. Then I slid back down, all the way down so my nose was pressed hard into his pubic hair, his now hard cock nestled snugly deep in the back of my throat. I moved up and down on his cock a few more times, feeling it start to throb, and then I stopped, moving to his balls with my tongue, running it lightly over them and then underneath. I continued licking gently all the way back to the head of his cock, then circled it with my tongue a few more times, before plunging all the way back down to the base.

He started to stir so I slowed down and relaxed, just gently sucking the head of his cock.

Finally I couldn’t hold off any longer and climbed on top of him, positioned the head of his cock so that it was nestled in the folds of my pussy, and just waited. Even asleep he knew the feeling, he lifted his hips and pushed deeper into me. I can only imagine what he feels when his cock slips deep inside a hot, wet, tight pussy, but it must have been good enough to wake him.

He didn’t miss a beat though as he grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto him, shoving his cock all the way inside of me. I then rode him, going slow at first, speeding up, slowing back down, sometimes teasing just the head of his cock into my pussy. He was kneading my tits, lightly twisting my nipples, and squeezing my plump rolls. It wasn’t long before he finally he grabbed me, slammed me down on his cock, and filled me up with huge spurts of hot cum.

I laid there on him for a few minutes, squeezing my pussy around his cock, milking out every last drop.

What can I say, sometimes a slut just has to do what she needs to do! ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Sex Survey!

So this is one of those times that I just haven't had time to write any new posts, perfect time for another survey! Here's another that a guy sent me as the Ultimate Sex Survey! If nothing else, it is a long one!

Do you like it rough or sensual? Depends on my mood

Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both? Both

How often do you like to have sex? At lest 2-3 times a day

Is sex a top priority for you? Yes

Do you have sex face to face with your partner? Mmmm, yes

How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger? Complete stranger? Not Often. The rest? ALL the time

How do you feel about one night stands? They can be fun sometimes

How many one night stands have you had? A few

What's your favorite position? Cowgirl or doggy

Where's your favorite place to have sex? Everywhere!

Do you prefer to make love or f*uck? I wanna FUCK!

Have you ever watched porn while having sex? Yes!

How long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed? Depends on how much I need it inside me

Do you get off first or do they? Most of the time I do

Do you like kissing during sex? Oh yes!

Do you moan? If so, are you loud or quiet? I can get quite loud

Do you prefer your partner to be loud or quiet? Either way as long as they enjoy me

Does size matter? LOL No, I love all sizes of cocks, tits, ass and whatever else

How old were you when you lost your virginity? 17, I didn't become a slut until around 23 or so

How many sexual partners have you have in the last month? I think 9, but there was a night that there might have added a few more

What does your favorite fore-play include? Licking, sucking, kissing, nibbling, stroking, fingering, rubbing, touching, etc

Do you ever play with yourself during the act? Of course

Do you prefer to sleep with many or one person? Sleep?? Who has time to sleep

Have you ever done anal? If so, did you like it? Yes and yes

Describe some crazy sex? Movie theater during Aeon Flux... us and one other guy in the matinee. He ended up watching us instead of the movie so after my husband came I went over and sucked the guy off.

What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? There's too many to choose from

Have you ever done porn? Yes

Have you ever have sex for money? I do sometimes

Have you ever bribed someone to sleep with you? Never needed to

Is the sex still good when your cheating? No reason to cheat

During sex... what are you thinking about? Fucking

Do you prefer the top or the bottom at first? At first the bottom, but I always climb on top

How many positions do you like to do during one session? Hmmm, 5-10

Do you ever worry about how your pleasing your partner? Of course!

Could you live without sex? NO

How often do you find sex boring? Even bad sex is good sex

How long does a typical sexual episode last for you? Average? My husband - about an hour or more, most other guys - 15-45 mins

Do you like to perform oral sex? Yes

Do you like to recieve oral sex? Oh yes!

Have you ever taped yourself in the act? Of course

Have you ever had a 3-some? 4-some? 5-some? Yes and moresome!!

Have you ever had interracial sex? Yes

Have you ever been caught in the act? If so, by whom? Many times - by parents, friends, etc

Have you ever had sex while at work? Yes

Have you ever had sex while at school? Yes

What is something that you would never consider doing? Anything that leaves a major mark

Have you ever had sex on drugs? Not really

Would you ever have sex in public? Yes and have many times!

What's your biggest turn on? Seeing my husband with another woman or man

Do you spit or swallow? Almost always swallow

How many times have you gotten off in one night? 10-12 times

How many times have you gotten off someone else in one night? Not sure, though I've made my husband cum 22 times in 24 hours

Would you let other people watch you have sex live? Of course!

Have you have ever sex in front of your best friend? Yes

Have you ever had sex with your best friend's b/f or g/f? Yes

Do you ever have sex in the shower? Yeah

What's the weirdest place you've ever done it? Behind a 4 ft rock wall with both our parents right on the other side

What was the biggest age difference with a partner? I was 24, he was 52 years old, paid me $200 just to blow him but I fucked him anyway... he gave me $600 after!

Do you feel you're up to par in bed? Oh yeah!

Are you still gonna have sex when your 70? Fuck yeah!

What was your most embarrassing sexual moments? When my dad caught me playing around with my brother, then... hehe

How old is "too young" to have sex your in opinion? 10 yrs old

Do you like to be completely naked or half-assed? Whatever the situation calls for

Have you ever done it at your grandparent's? Yes

Have you ever done it on a boat/yacht? Yup

What's the most public place that you can think of that you've had sex at? A department store during business hours, in the middle of a clothing rack

Do you like having sex in cars? If so, driver seat, passenger, or back? All of the above!

Do you were protection as often as you should? I'm very safe but don't use condoms whenever possible

Have you ever had sex with someone under 18? Yes

Do you prefer to sleep with someone older or younger than you? Doesn't matter

Have you ever done bondage sex (chains,whips,etc.)? Yeah and some of it was great

Have you ever slept with someone out of pity? Yes

Can you remember who gave you the best sex of your life? My husband, why do you think I married him?

If you could sleep with ANYONE, would would it be? Me... I wish I had a twin.

Whew, that was a good one :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Few New Pics

Not a lot to say today, nothing new happening. But I know it's been awhile since I posted any pics, so here's some recent shots. If you follow me on other sites then you may have seen some of them before. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Gay Pride Leads To Some Fisting!

I had a fantastic, fun filled weekend and I thought I'd share a particularly amazing time while it's still fresh in my mind!

So after a fun night of bar hopping and partying with the rest of Portland celebrating Gay Pride weekend, a handful of us ended back at our place. Me, my hubby, our girlfriends Jessica and Janine, as well as two new friends we’d met earlier that night, Billy and Constance.

Many drinks, lots of laughs and a little making out later a few of us started splitting off from the group. Jess passed out on the couch in her underwear (poor thing) and my hubby was dragged off by Constance, who were then followed shortly after by her boyfriend, Unfortunately he had been kissing and feeling me up and I was a little upset that he never came back.

Janine and I were good friends but we’d never really been alone like that, drunk, horny and half naked. But it didn’t take long for us to start cuddling and making out, eventually making our way to the bedroom for some more fondling, lots of passionate kissing and a few amazing orgasms!

During a cool down break, we somehow got on the subject of lesbians and fisting and she was surprised that I’d done it and then told me she had a girlfriend once that loved it, but she’d been unable to find anyone like her since.

I got on my knees and bent over, smiling at her and silently inviting her to do whatever she wanted to. Janine giggled a little as she grabbed some lube and applied some to my already soaking wet pussy. She seemed to enjoy pouring the cold lubricant on my asshole and allowing it to drip down over my lips before using her fingers to work it into my slit. She was sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, keeping me a little unsure of what to expect next.

Satisfied with the lube job, she stepped back to admire my sloppy wet cunt. She started off gently with two fingers deep in me. She slid them in and explored all around my pussy, slowly and gently applying pressure to relax the muscles and open me up more. I moaned as her fingers probed me deeper and deeper, my pussy responding with even more juice, making a big wet mess of cum and lube.

The third finger was a little tight going in at frist but, with a bit of patience Janine had me begging for more as she worked my tight pussy and began to fuck me, her free pinkie tickling my clit. My cunt was opening nicely, accepting the three fingers easily and when I had a small orgasm, my pussy pulled on Janine's fingers.

"Awwww, look at that! Your pussy wants more." she said laughing. Then she pulled her fingers almost all the way out and added her pinkie to the group, slowly sliding the four back in. I squealed and grunted at the same time, a hungry sound to let her know I wanted more.

I was tight around the four and Janine worked them slowly and with great patience into me. She paused to apply some fresh lube to allow them to slide in much easier. I was moaning and getting off in waves almost constantly, Janine had to pause several times as I came. With great care she folded her thumb into the palm of her hand and slowly began to slide her whole fist into me. The fingers slid in so easily, my cunt was finally ready to be fisted.

When she came to her knuckles Janine twisted her hand slightly and pushed gently towards the asshole and away from the pelvic bone, you could tell she was taught well how to fist. The gentle steady pressure finally paid off in a single moment of pain and then her fist was in me.

The sound of a fist in a pussy is incredible, a wet sloppy slutty sound. Janine giggled as she began to fist fuck me slowly and gently, but with good force. As I came again and again she fucked me faster and faster. I was screaming and moaning and squealing, sometimes all at once, begging for more and crying out in complete ecstasy.

Janine didn't let up until finally my pussy exploded with cum! I came harder than I had all night and ejaculated all over, it squirted out around Janine's fist and ran down my legs. I was crying out incoherently and laughing as sweet happy tears rolled down my cheeks. My breathing became irregular and ragged as my pussy squished out the last of my juices.

Gently Janine withdrew her fist, the knuckles popped out and I breathed a quick sigh of relief as my pussy was emptied. Quivering, I rolled over and mumbled a small thanks. Janine kissed me, stroked my hair, and whispered sweet words of thanks and love to me. I smiled and tried to speak but couldn’t, instead I just smiled and held her tighter.

That was when we heard a light applauding and found the rest of our group in the doorway, obviously having enjoyed the show. They all came in and joined us on the large bed for yet more fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sex Surveys

So being on a variety of social sites, I get a lot of surveys sent to me, some of which I've taken the time to fill out... it's always a nice, easy way to get to know me a little more so I thought I'd start posting them on here in the times that I don't have a chance to write anything more substantial :)

This one was sent to me but a fan awhile back... enjoy and if you have any surveys you want me to consider, let me know!

1. is it possible for us to hook up? Anything is possible

2. how often do u like having sex? At least twice a day on average

3. do u have any fantises? if so plz share Of course! Many fantasies... everything from rape & public sex to gangbangs and orgies, most of which I've been lucky to experience!

4. straight or bi? Very Bi!

5. any fetishes? A nice variety... pussy pumping, exhibitionism, glory holes and many more.

6. how do u like having sex? fast? rough? slow? tender? Depends on the mood and the people

7. fav sexual position? Reverse Cowgirl is great, allows the guy to play with my ass while I ride him!

8. do u like oral sex? giving? receving? Very much! Both!

9. have u ever had anal sex? Of course!

10. would u agian/or try it? Yes

11. if u had anal do u like it? I do enjoy it

12. spit or swallow or body/face? I always swallow, but love being cummed on and in my holes

13.have u ever posed nude? Ummm, duh!

14. would u pose nude? Another duh!

15. have you or would u be filmed having sex? Yes!

16 have you or would u have a 3some? Many!

17. do u think im a perv? Naaaa

18. do u like me? I like everyone, until they piss me off :P

19. any peircings or tattoos? Had my nipples pierced but I need to get them redone, I want to get a tat soon

20. what do u think of porn? Love it!

21. whats the best part of sex? Everything, seriously... from flirting to cleaning up after

22. would u ever use a guy for sex? Yes

23. dose size realy matter? No, it really doesn't. I've had all shapes and sizes and loved em all

24. would u have sex with me? Anything's possible

25. what turns u on most? Confidence and lust for me and ALL my curves

26 what turns u off? Guys that just assume I want to fuck them, those are the ones I'll never fuck

27. do u masterbate? Oh yes, at least once a day

28. do u have sex toys? Many, many, many

29. did any of this make u uncomfortable? Nope

30. how open are u to trying new things? Very open

31. whats the most extreme thing you have done? Hmm, depends on what you think is extreme, there has been some wild and even illegal sexual stuff I've done!

32. anything sexual you wanna try? Everything, at least once ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life as we know it...

It's been far too long since I've posted anything here, life has been crazy and fun and scary and torture lately, to say the least. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get online much at all... really, check my twitter, lol!

As you all know I was in Florida last week house hunting, which went really well! We found the most perfect thing ever and though I'm trying not to get too excited yet, I'm soooo thrilled!

It's not exactly a sure thing yet though, now we deal with the worst part, the waiting! We've submitted an offer and now we just have to wait for the seller to approve it (should find out tomorrow) and then wait for the bank to approve it as it's now in pre-foreclosure. Unfortunately in these times it could be a week or three months to hear back from them :(

Anyway, I'll keep ya updated and if everything goes the way it should I'll tell you a whole lot more about the house, even post some pics!

As for this blog, I have a couple ideas of how to keep the post here more regular, even when I'm not able to write much. I also have some amazing sex stories to tell from my week in FL as well as this weekend partying with friends and, I guess, all of Portland during gay pride weekend! It's late and I'm exhausted, so just keep with me and I'll see ya real soon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello There Everybody!

I'm just stopping in to say hi and let you see that I am indeed still alive. I apologize once again for the lack of updates, life has been busy to say the least. In fact, I'm going to be traveling to Orlando, Florida (YAY!) for some serious house hunting.

Those of you who don't follow me on twitter (and why the hell aren't you??) wouldn't know of my current plans to move to the sunny and fun filled state this year. Unfortunately, living in Oregon makes the process a little more difficult than normal as we're relying on listers and agents to help us find the right house.

But now we're at a point where we've found some great houses to look at, and a dozen others just in case! We'll be taking a couple days to tour them and likely make a decision before we even come back. Of course we'll be having some fun while we're down there, a mini vacation if you will, enjoying the parks, meeting some friends and fans and I just can't wait to visit the Earl of Sandwich!!

Anyway, if all goes well, we'll have bought a house and will move on to the actual moving thing... I'm soooo not looking forward to all that. Wish me luck and I hope to get a few random posts up soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amazing Marathon Sex!

Last night was just incredible! Those that follow me on twitter know that I was particularly horny at work yesterday and couldn't wait to get home! I wanted to write this out while it was still fresh in my mind.

The moment I walked through the door I grabbed my husband and pulled him upstairs to the bedroom. We stood in the doorway and embraced as I pressed my hips against him, rocking slightly. He matched the motions and for a while as we kissed, exploring each other with our tongues. He pulled my blouse and bra off and slowly unzipped my skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor between us. Free of the bra, my large breasts wiggled, pressing their bareness against him.

Without ever really breaking our embrace, I slowly undressed him. Our hands slid along each others body as we removed garments. I kissed the hollow of his neck, my tongue devouring its contour. Gravity helped his shorts drop to the floor after I undid the clasp, my hands quickly encouraging his boxers to follow. I slid a hand along his inner thigh, the dampness there gave evidence of his excitement, as did his cock now fully erect and bouncing jauntily. Moving to the bed, he helped remove my panties, soping wet from hours of needing this. I may never again remove some without recalling how aroused he made me with the slow, careful way he edged them down my legs, his hands caressing as he did so.

When we were both fully naked, he laid on top of me and pressed his weight against mine, whispering sweet passions. Telling me of all the things he would like to do, how much he wanted to satisfy me and find satisfaction himself. Hours passed as we just explored each others bodies with our hands, tongues, fingers, legs and any other part that we could find to rub, caress, stroke, press. The seeping juices from my throbbing pussy actually made noise as he stroked me and he quietly told me how he found that response so thrilling to him.

I felt the surges of raw emotion run through me. My cunt clutched and drew at his fingers as he drove them into me... first one, then another, then yet another. Using the pad of his hand, he applied pressures to my clit... setting loose torrents of juices as I plunged on his hand. His mouth covering mine, the first orgasm tore through me, my whole body becoming attached to the sensations from my cunt. The muscles spasmed, my legs felt like there were rivers of tingling shocks as they trembled against the very power of my climax. I wanted him inside me so badly then. To thrust his cock in and drive me even further into Utopia.

We laid together for a while, as my sensations slowly ebbed. Then started again. This time he took an even more active role. Telling me what he wanted me to do... guiding me so that I knew what would bring him the most pleasures. I eagerly followed his instructions. Moving my head down his body, sucking on his nipples while my hand stroked his cock, making it even harder. Moving further down, licking the smooth crown with my tongue, guiding my tongue into the slit, enjoying the sweet taste of his precum. Licking down the length of his swollen cock, my tongue following the groove. Drawing his balls into my mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while I ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing his tight anus.

Bringing my mouth back up his cock, I choreographed the motions of his cock in and out of my mouth while my finger probed in and out of his ass. He stopped me as I felt the pulsing of his cock getting ready to explode. My own body was trembling because the very taste and feel of him in my mouth was as exciting as his hands had been just moments before. He positioned me on the end of the bed on my knees. His hand deftly slid between my thighs and rubbed the clit until I could feel the boiling within me as my soft urgings begged for him to plunge in. He fingered my hole from behind, driving in deeper and deeper, each thrust acting like a pump causing more stirrings deeper within me. I could hear my juices again, and the sounds excited me.

My nipples rubbing on the bed, my body iginiting into quivers of pure joy. Then without a word he slid his cock into me. Slow. Steady. Pushing steadily inwards. Only when he could push no further did he start to pump. I rocked on my knees, meeting each thrust with a push back towards him. My moans encouraging him, letting him know how much I was enjoying the feel of his prodding. Reaching a hand around my leg, he continued to rub my clit, causing eruptions and earthquake size tremors to rack my body. I muffled my cries in the mattress. My pussy sucked and clenched at him, drawing against his balls slapping my underside. Just when I thought I had experienced all the thrills my body could offer (and he could create like a maestro) he began thrusting in and out, ever faster.

His own moans harmonizing with mine as we both reached a crescendo of sexual ecstasy. His cum shot into me, warming me, mingling with mine. The feel of him shooting into me carried me to a crest of arousal that swept the world away. There was no body. No motion. Only undulating tremors that shook my body.

Afterwards we lay together, holding each other. Just enjoying the slowly receding tides of our mutual pleasure. Accepting in each other that we share a delight in the beauty of our individual sexuality and the joys it allows us to give and to receive.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

B-Day Striptease Part 1

So I realized I haven't posted any pics in awhile... I hope you haven't been going through withdrawls ;) So here's some more old cam pics. This was a fun little striptease I did for one of my hubby's friends on his B-Day! Don't worry, this wasn't all he got from me... maybe I'll post those pics next ;)

Forgive the mess, it was around X-mas time and we'd just had a party. The color is off as it was filmed with an old webcam with a low light filter.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wanna Have A Quickie?

Yup, just a quickie today, I've been insanely busy (blah) and feel bad I haven't been able to update this page more.

I think we may have finally found a house we like in Florida and I can't wait to make a quick visit down there to look at it and maybe a few others just in case :)

So anyway, look for a few fun posts this week... ya never know what you'll get from me!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have You Seen Me???

So I recieved an email today from a local fan saying he saw me at the store today but didn't say hi... WHY NOT? If you see me out and about, I would love for you to say hi! You can tell me where you know me from, what you think of me, etc.

I'm posting this because the above was the third message like this I've gotten in as many months.

The first guy back in early Feb said he was too nervous to say hi... ok, I can understand that but come on! Ya gotta get over it and come up to me, I'm not gonna bite (well, not hard anyway, hehe)

The second one about a month ago said he saw me out and about with my husband and didn't want it to be awkward... now that's just silly, my hubby is the coolest guy you'll ever meet and he loves that I'm seen and wanted by so many people.

Going way back, I even got a message last Oct from a guy in Florida saying that he thought he saw me at Universal but wasn't positive it was me and didn't want to bother me on vacation if it was... well of course it was me and someone saying hi sure isn't going to ruin my vacation, you silly bastard! :p

Now, I think that in some cases it may not be ok for you to approach me, such as if I'm with children (I spend a lot of time with my cousins) or if I'm in a group (perhaps coworkers that don't know of my 'real' persona)

Otherwise, don't be a stranger!

(Me naked At the Thunder Falls Terrace at Univeral Islands of Adventure in FL - shhhh, I don't wanna get banned there, lol)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm A Gamer Girl!

Thought I'd post my awesome and very sexy PS3 Trophy Card for all to see :)

If you're a gamer then you know what you're looking at and can see I kick ass! If you're not a gamer, just know that I kick ass ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too Sexy To Be A Gamer?

Ok, so I belong to a site called Playfire. It's a gaming site and I've made some great friends, gamers like my hubby and I, on there. Now obviously I'm not shy about showing myself off but on sites like that I tone it down to show sexy and cleavage pics only. I figure I'm still me and I sure don't feel I have to change my attitude.

Look at my page here - - do take note of the pics I have posted on my profile

I bring this up because I recently came under fire from a couple little brats, both 13 years old, who at first said I was fat and ugly and then after I told them I didn't care what they thought, they decided to start a crusade against me because I was "nude" on a gaming site.

A forum thread was started and went on for about 2 days before I even knew about it, at which point I posted one reply and left it. Seems they thought so much of themselves as moral warriors, it was all but expected that I'd be kicked off the site forever. I wanna note here that I didn't hear a word from any site admin about the problem or even anything asking if I would remove the pics, so obviously the crusade failed.

I went back today to find the thread closed by an admin so I decided to start reading it, the first couple pages of it was as expected, a bunch of immature brats that feel powerful insulting others. But then it took a nice turn when many people started taking a stand for me, beating the close minded brats down into submission :)

On a side note, I think that they might have just been jealous of my gaming skill (I have a kick ass trophy card and I'm ranked #220 out of almost 8000 gamers)

So the whole point of this post is to send out a BIG thanks to my fellow gamers, some of whom I know read my blog, for standing up for me and rushing to my virtual side!

Big kiss for all of ya :*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sexy Storytime - Fisting Memories

It was never a goal of mine to be fisted. In fact when I first saw it in a porn movie so many years ago, it kinda scared me.

“Eew,” I thought to myself. “A whole fist? Inside my tight little pussy? It would hurt so bad and what if it goes too far in and rips some organ open? And I‘d never feel a cock in there again when it gets all stretched out!”

Ok, so I was a bit too freaked out but hey, you watch some guy slamming the hell out of a screaming woman for the first time and see what you’re thinking.

And then, many years later, it happened for the first time with my now husband. We’d talked about it and played around with the idea but I was never really ready to go that far.

So one night after about an hour of amazing foreplay (making out, rubbing, licking, sucking, etc) I was laying on the bed and I could feel his fingers inside me, probing into the deepest part of me. He had told me that it was his desire to make me cum and gush all over his hand, and he was doing an incredible job! It felt fantastic and I gave in to the deep pleasure.

“How many are inside me?” I asked him after awhile. “Fingers, I mean.”

He giggled a bit. “Ummmm… all of them.”

“All of them? All??”

“Yeah. All.”

“All. Four. Fingers?”

“Yes, all four. And don’t forget my thumb.”

“You mean you’re….”

“Yeah. I’m fisting you. How does it feel?”

It felt fabulous, to be completely honest. I felt filled up, but it was different than the thick-cock-filling-me-feeling. And it was lovely, because the movements made by his fist inside me were so different from a cock. So sensual, yet so raw and so powerful.

I could liken the smooth, fullness of the moments to how it felt immediately after my anal passage relaxes and allows a cock full access.

It was wonderful.

But I was still doubtful. I mean, if it was this easy, what had stopped all my other lovers from trying it?

I strained to look. “I wanna see!”

He reached behind him and grabbed his digital camera from the stand next to the bed. He fiddled with it a little, and then handed it to me and started positioning my arms with his free hand.

I duly pushed the button, and heard the beep of a photo taken. Sure enough, there was my cunt, and his fist… all the way inside it.

It’s the oddest thing to see your pussy iconized like that. The whole picture was my pussy and his wrist protruding from it. And as I was looking at it, I could feel his fist inside me. Accommodating myself to fit him had been far easier than I’d thought.

That done with, we returned our attentions to fucking. Specifically, to him fucking me with his hand.

His whole hand all the way inside me. Fisting me.

The sweetest and most intense pressure as his pace increased and my grip on reality started to unhinge. The build-up inside me of pre-orgasmic excitement and an almost-but-not-quite unbearable tension in my bladder or thereabouts spiraled me higher and higher to orgasmic bliss until I came and gushed out rivers of cum all over his hand.

Then I heard his contented sigh of satisfaction.

I exhaled, and lay back, exhausted. I felt his hand slide out of me, caressing me as it slid. I heard his satisfied breathing complementing my own jagged coming-down gasps and I felt blissed out and dazed.

My first fisting.

And definately not my last!

And just so you know, I have no burst organs, my pussy is still quite tight and I still feel every cock as if it were my first! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cam Sex #1 Part 2

Ok, it's been a long time coming and you've all been very patient while real life has gotten in my way, so thank you :)

I'm working to get more regular with my posts, it's just been a hellish month so bear with me!

Here's the second set of this old webcam sex show, enjoy!