Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sexy Storytime - 3 o'clock In The Morning

I just had to get this down before I forget it, it happened just hours ago but was such a blur really, so exciting though...

It was the middle of the night when I was sweetly woken up by my husband kissing my neck, his hands roaming over my body. I managed a glance at the clock through sleep blurred eyes, it was just after 3 O'clock in the morning.

I rolled over to face him. 'Whats all this?' I asked, slightly breathless, my pussy already getting hot and a bit wet.

'I woke up, that's all, and...' he kissed me deeply and I felt his erection press hard against my belly, 'Well, you can figure out the rest' he said slyly.

He pushed me onto my back and began to kiss down my body, stopping to suck on my nipples for a time, nibbling on them gently and taking each one deep into his mouth. Then on down, kissing and kneading my belly, worshiping it for endless blissful minutes. He finally reached my pussy, obviously where he wanted to end up, and lightly sucked on my lips as he parted them with his fingers.

He seemed to get even more excited to find my slippery wetness, my juices already flowing out and down the crack of my ass. He slid a couple fingers inside me, moving them purposefully around the depths of my hole while he licked and sucked on my clit. I moaned loudly 'Oh god, don't stop!' With me still in a sleepy daze, it didn't take him long at all to make me cum in an almost euphoric, out of body orgasm.

He lapped up every drop of my cum and quickly came back up and kissed me hard, darting his tongue into my mouth so that I could taste my own sweet juice. 'Can I fuck you now?' he asked with a smile and without even answering, I kissed him passionately and pulled him hard against me. As I felt his cock enter me, he let out a shuddering moan that turned me on so much I had another tiny orgasm wave pass through my body! He pushed himself softly in and out of my pussy, making love to me gently and he soon shot his load. The sensation of his thick, hot liquid flowing up inside of me made me cum again with him. He collapsed on the bed next to me, 'That was very nice' I told him, rolling over on top of him to kiss him sweetly, 'I'll be right back'.

I went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to cool myself down. When I came out he was waiting right there, he pulled me out of the bathroom and pushed me against the hallway wall, the cold surface gave my skin a shock, my nipples even more so and they hardened instantly.

Pressing his body against my back, he forced himself inside me, his cock felt even harder and bigger than it did just minutes ago! I didn't know what had gotten into him but I loved it! 'God Val, you're so fucking sexy' he whispered while nibbling my ear. He pounded into me so hard and fast, my pussy began to get sore, but this kind of pain I liked. I was being taken and there was nothing I could do but enjoy every forceful thrust... sometimes that's the greatest feeling in the world!

Suddenly he hit the spot inside me, 'I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming' I yelled over and over as he fucked me harder, sending wave after wave of pain and pleasure through me. It must have been an amazing sight or maybe it was the sounds, because without a word his cock exploded inside me, filling me with a huge load of cum! I felt it start to gush out of me before he ever pulled out!

We collapsed on the floor, barely able to breath. After a few moments he slid his fingers into my sloppy, cum filled pussy and brought me to orgasm again until I finally had to beg him to stop. Then we both fell sound asleep naked on the hallway floor, his arms holding me gently.

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